Monday, April 23, 2007

New kitty cat and other things...

Here is the latest cat that I hooked over the weekend....I will try and sew him up tonight. And also a photo of some of the smaller felted purses that I worked on last week at the Studio. I had fun using rock art images that I've always loved. When I had my own wearable art business, it was called Painted Cave Designs. We live near an ancient Chumash cave that is painted inside with wonderful images. We have a little community up here on top of the mountain called "Painted Cave". I carved rubber stamps of cave paintings and petroglyphs and stamped them on my hand painted silk clothing, scarves and ties. I sold these and my handwoven items at shows in the Los Angeles of the highlights for me was to have some of my ties used on the TV show "Thirty something"....of course this was back before I had my 2 boys. After the boys were born I did only local shows and changed from weaving and silk painting to hand painted wooden clocks! Now I am happily back to what I love most....Fiber art of all kinds!

Also ... more bags that have the appliqued pockets with embroidery that I made a few years ago and didn't know what to do with them....Wo found a good use and sewed them onto denim bags of various sizes. These will go in the new little retail store that is almost open in Ojai.


Mary lin said...

I love the new kitty! And the gift you sent to Tracie is so beautiful!

One Crabapple said...

Love that kitty!

How funny that you mention Thirty Something ! I work in post production and we have been getting that series ready for DVD here....! It will make it much more interesting to watch now that I am looking for YOUR TIES !