Monday, January 14, 2008

Fun at Art From Scrap

Busy at work in the upstairs workroom and gallery at Art From Scrap...
Mother and daughter from England..Sat. morning art date..
Syd helping with threading those beads...
This boy made a 4 story house with plastic CD holders and then covered it with fabric! Not everyone had to make the booklace and there was a busy table of activity over by the glue guns.
Working on her collage pages...
Pretty cool!
Love that heart!

Whew! We had 29 students at our Sat. morning "Booklace" class at ARt from Scrap and we were hopping to help everyone get their necklaces made. Kids from pre-schoolers to 12 year olds were ready to create! Somehow by 12 noon it all came together and moms, dads, and kids left with smiles and their new creations. I usually try and give a little history on where the idea came from and how we adapted it from our first workshop at Artfest with Nina Bagley, but everyone just jumped right in and started creating so I had to let that part go. It was a great experience and so fun to work with kids again.
As we were cleaning up we "discovered" an art creation that was Glued to the table! Somehow we missed that with all the hole punching and paper cutting. We left it to dry...and get removed later! And a note to ourselves to bring glue sticks...all we had to work with was Elmer's white glue which can be quite messy.
After a little "shopping" in the store downstairs we headed off to CPK for some delicious lunch and a quick peek at Imagine. Then home for a nap!

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