Monday, January 21, 2008

My birthday boy...

My boys..Jason (4) and Justin (10 months) the zoo...Iused this photo for our Christmas card..
And here is Travis, Jason, and Kevin....he's been friends with Kevin since they were 2 years old.

Our Jason turns 18 today! We used to have these big birthday parties for him with all the kids in the neighborhood and treasure hunts and pinatas. Now... we had his two best friends up to spend the night. I made hot chocolate with whipped cream and french toast for breakfast this morning and managed to take of photo before they took off down the mountain.
This summer after graduation the plan is to spend a month in Munich, Germany with Kevin's relatives, practice their German and have fun before starting college. He has his driving test coming up next week and the plan is for him to have the use of my 1998 Volvo XC station wagon.

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