Saturday, January 19, 2008

who flew in....?

Look who arrived early birthday present from the incredibly creative Tara Ross.
This is Rose....a cool painted fabric doll, who will join her bird friend, another Tara creation.

And since I have a big birthday coming up this of those ending in an "O"...(60 yikes!) I will be doing one of those Blog give stay tuned...I will have 3 items to send out to you..
need to take some photos first and figure out the details. And because I'm a February girl they will most likely have hearts involved....I'm thinking a flying heart pin, maybe a hooked heart, and a felted sweater cat softie....(you will have a choice).
And Monday, Jan. 21 is my son, Jason's eighteenth birthday! He has friends coming up to spend the weekend, eat pizza and play I've got to get my minimal cleaning done before they come (as if they care)...and the fabric piles in the living room need to get sorted and put away and my poor art room is a shambles....I did manage to get some cupcakes made this morning and now need to make some frosting.
Last night I worked on some fun little stuffed antique quilt hearts for our artfest girls birthday party on Jan.30.I put them in the cool wooden bowl that was my Christmas present from Dennis this year. We are also doing a pin cushion exchange- make one-take one--that will be fun...I think that a fiber lover can't have too many pin cushions! I am still deciding what kind to make....too many choices.......
well, back to the house cleaning....I've found that my standards have dropped dramatically the older I've gotten, but still need to do the basics!

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