Friday, March 27, 2009

Bird in nest

Here is my latest hooked bird sitting in a little fiber nest I made years ago.
And these are some of the trades I am working on for Artfest....little banners to hang on the dorm doors or whatever! I may add a bit more to them as time allows. Colleen and I leave on Sunday for our Road Trip to Artfest with Art Girl's Stops on the way. Fabric, yarn and paper stores, look out!


Tara Ross Studios said...

I am so jealous!!! You will have so much fun!

Love those trades, they are perfect for door banners.

Jennifer Manuell said...

great bird! ;-)

Betsey said...

I LOVE them....looking forward to seeing you next week. Safe travels!

marie said...

love the bird and nest! the banners are great..remind me of Tibetan prayer flags...beautiful.
Have a safe and fun trip.

debinsf said...

Beautiful, as always!

If you're stopping in San Francisco, my door's always open for coffee or whatever. If not, I'm excited to spend another day with you at AFF in June.

Safe travels!

HeartFire said...

Hi Mary, your hooked bird is too cute! And I love the banner trades, save one for me!! Will you be staying in the Seattle area after AF?

Lisa said...

The bird is beautiful, especially in its nest!! Have a wonderful trip!