Saturday, March 14, 2009

Creativity abounds!

I just love this mobile that turned into a birthday hat! You just never know what will turn up when you do a kids workshop at Art From Scrap! We had at least 25 kids plus moms and dads for the 2 hour class. So many fun creations came into being...check out the jelly fish below....all made from recycled products donated from local businesses and supporters.

" I think I'd rather make a robot instead of a mobile." And that's cool with me!

This is the upstairs gallery and workshop space.


marie said...

The creativity that comes from children is so amazing! My 10 year old is such an inspiration to me. Love all the sweet ideas the children came up with using your mobile idea.

Jill Berry said...

Mary, I want to come do this and my kids do too! what fun is that? We are about to launch on piñatas, come on by!
I am so looking forward to Artfest and seeing you, just love my house.

Cindibee said...

I'd rather make a robot too. Robots are awesome. And that kid is awesome too, because he agrees with me. :p

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Oh these kids had fun! Love it. And the little girl with the hat version in the photo looks darling. The jelly fish is great. Bet you drove home grinning?

Phyllis said...

What a whimsical and fun project. I love some of your stitching projects too. The mushrooms in the garden make me smile. Will have to see what you are teaching at Art Fest in Portland.