Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving To All!

Somehow I managed to get the table cleared off and a new fresh tablecloth put on for our Thanksgiving meal today. Added a few seasonal decorations for fun. This area is usually full of odd art supplies, sewing implements, paper, glue, pins and paint! I made a pumpkin pie last night and got my son, Jason to peel local apples for the apple pie that I am about to start. We will take our annual hike to Lizard's Mouth, an interesting rock outcropping up here in the mountains and then eat about 5pm if all goes well. I am also trying out a new recipe for green bean casserole that I saw on Martha Stewart and looked good. Thanksgiving dinner is probably my favorite Holiday meal of the year.
And I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! And say Thank You for your visits and comments, I truly appreciate them all! I know that I love seeing all the wonderful creativity that I find on the internet and knowing that we share the love of making things with our hands and hearts is always inspiring and comforting to know that there are so many of us out there.
So have a wonderful day with family and those you love.

Wednesday I took off down to Laguna Hills to meet with Somerset editor, Jenny Doh. We had a fun time doing a photo shoot with Johanna and Angela of the little quilted houses and hooked heart pins. I really enjoyed my tour of their amazing offices- rooms full of incredible art getting ready for publication. The primitive doll section really caught my attention but we had work to do and I wanted to get back home in time to do some cooking. Thank you, Jenny for inviting me to come down and taking the time to show me around. I also got to meet Amanda Belle Nolan and peek at the Haute Handbags all lined up for photo time. It was really fun and interesting to see what a magazine set up looks like and all the people it takes to make things look so beautiful published.
Here are some of my little houses set out on the floor for viewing while we thought of more ways to use them in possible craft projects.


Marie said...

How exciting! It must have been so much fun to meet everyone and see how the magazine comes together.
: )

jude said...

hey! you met jenny!

Kristin L said...

What a great opportunity -- delivery your goods in person. I love all the little houses.

PS: I got lots of nice compliments on your mushroom pin at Thanksgiving.

TJ said...

I love your folky houses and am happy to find your blog! Yeah for Craft Gossip... happy creations from tj in germany