Saturday, November 28, 2009

More little houses...

This is a new set of little quilt houses that got their windows and doors last night. They still need a hanger sewn on top to make them into ornaments.
And I am still working on my stuffed mushrooms...stuffed stems on the left ready to be sewn into the tops. The tops need buttons and a hanger sewn on....that's what I do in the evenings.
Three felted wool sweater scarves with wool applique. Just made the green one with birds, the other two I made last year and just pulled them out of hiding.
Son, Jason on our Thanksgiving walk.....we stayed close to home and walked to "Flat Rock" for a view of the sunset and Channel Islands. Then back home for turkey dinner and time to relax.

Lichen on Flat Rock...there are also grinding stones from the Chumash Indians here and lots of acorns.
Henry taking a nap on Thanksgiving....hope yours was happy, too.

Today I need to take Justin down the mountain to a birthday party and while down the hill I hope to get in a beach walk, check out my favorite thrift store, and go see the show at Westmont Gallery called: "Gee's Bend Quilters: Prints from Paulson Press"...they have a couple of Gee's Bend quilts and then art that is inspired by the quilts. Always love to see the "real" is only up until Dec. 18 so I really want to see it before its gone. I'll take photos if they are allowed.
And I must give credit to Tara Ross for my Blog make over and new header. She is such a sweetheart to offer to do this for me and she makes the coolest art too~!


Marie said...

The houses are adorable and I love the scarves! Also, nice "new" look
on your blog header.

Anonymous said...

Your new blog header is beautiful. I just love those houses and the mushrooms and your scarves. I adore your art.

gail said...

Love the little houses, Mary! And the stuffed mushrooms make me smile.
: )