Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Monday...

I finished up these cupcakes for a friend. The directions for these are from the book "Warm fuzzies" by Betz White. She has great felted wool projects and nice color photos and directions.
Highly reccomended if you like working with wool.
and the little squirrel is almost finished....I see a few places that I want to re-do. It helps to take a photo now and then and step back to see if anything needs more work. The part that is bothering me is the foot area and back tail. I will rip out a bit and re-hook it tonight. We have our monthly rug hooking meeting tonight and if all goes well we will have a new secretary!
And a few of you have asked me a good place for rug hooking supplies and I have bought my backing and Townsend cutter from Jane Olson in Calif. She has been hooking all her life and knows all there is to know and ships quickly. Her number is 310-643-5902.
Also for a list of lots of suppliers you can check out ...there are so many different hooks and frames available, it's good to check out photos and talk to your fellow rug hookers if possible.
I love this little calendar that I got for half price on our trip to Calistoga. It makes me want to create my own calendar with rug hooked creatures for each month.


Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes are scrumptious! I absolutely love your colour combinations....
are they pin cushions?

come see me at my new blog about art/life and creativity!

Robin Olsen said...

The cupcakes are so cheerful! Love your idea about a rug hooked calendar with a different creature each month.

Diane said...

The cupcakes are so cute. Is there a pattern or tutorial you could share? Have a terrific tuesday.

Tammy Gilley said...

i would so buy that calendar if you made it, mary! xot

Marie said...

I know that you see areas on the squirrel that you think need to be re-done but, to me it looks fabulous!
I use my camera and the photos I take to "see" things I miss on my quilt pieces.
The colors of the cupcakes are perfect for Valentines or any day.

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Loving your cupcakes makes me want to eat's soooo beautiful and colorful. You do such great hook work!

Good Morning dear!!

Gail said...

Ooooooo, yes! That's a fabulous idea! I would ADORE a Mary Stanley calendar to hang on my wall!!!
: )


Angela said...

yes! I will buy your rug hooked calendar!!!do it!