Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sheep, circles and a heart

Michele at "Muse" Yarn store asked me hook some sheep for her shop since she sells lots of wool yarn. I can't believe that I haven't hooked any sheep before now, but these are my first try. I really love working with wool and appreciate all the wonderful different fibers and textures that all the various breeds of sheep provide for us fiber people so I came up with these 2 little sheep pictures. Not sure if they will be pillows or just wall hangings yet. Also working on some fabric applique wall pieces for "Muse" and will show those soon.
Here's the sheep above before his got his background.
Drawing for sheep no. 2.
Hooked and still need to do the background...hopefully tonight!
Made a bunch of hooked circles that will soon be made into pins. Going off to my friend, Charlotte in New York.
And finally got the Milagro Heart no.2 sewn and stuffed and ready to send off.

My son, Justin helped me get my photos downloaded somehow and I am so grateful...Grace helped too! Thanks for your patience while I get my act together! I still need a new camera and hope to find just the right one tomorrow.


Grace said...

Happy I help anytime! Your sheep are too cute!! I have a rug hooking pattern in the archives with sheep on a hill-I should pull it out! Thanks for all the inspiration!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Sheep rugs are my favorite thing and yours, of course, are really cute!! Have fun in New York!!

TamboinMO said...

It is odd that you have never hooked sheep before, but I always think of you as hearts and houses!

folksmith said...

i love your hooked circles.