Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hooking, stitching and cookin'...

It's been a busy week here at the homestead~boys home from school, rainy weather, birthdays coming up. I decided to stay home and get some organizing done...managed to clean out my closet and recycle shoes and clothing I no longer needed and that felt good. Not quite brave enough to tackle the Art Room yet...so many things that I "might" need some day. But I had fun finishing up these hooked pins for Charlotte Lyons and got the little sheep no. 2 done and ready to be framed. Then after looking at a book on Japanese embroidery from Syd I got inspired to do some cuffs and that led to finishing up some fiber bracelets that needed embellishing.
So the rainy weather has been a good time for staying inside, sewing, building a fire and doing a little cooking for the boys. I try and make something yummy and creative, like enchiladas or lasagna about every other night, and then there are left overs in between and Dennis likes to cook too, so that's always nice. We are supposed to have rain all week here, which is rare, but it will give me a chance to do more stitching and maybe clean out that Art room!

Our rug hooking group is donating as a group to the Red Cross for Haiti and so is our plumbing store. And along with everyone I am sending prayers to those in Haiti and wish I could do more.
Little hooked sheep no.2
Kimono fabric stitched and made into cuffs.

Cuff no. 1
Cuff no. 2
Cloth and felt bracelets with a bit of embroidery


Tara Ross Studios said...

Lovely, I think we all wish we could do more.

You are getting our rain,,,,, it has been over 50 degrees here today!

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

I love love your work. I never tried this before and I'm sure it would be so much fun!! So many wonderful colors. Sooooo beautiful!

And thank you for coming to visit!

Syd said...

Love all your new stuff. I can hardly wait to do some of that fun stitching. Charlotte will go nar nar over those pins! That photo would make a great card...

charlotte said...

Yes, Syd....I am! they are just beautiful Mary, thank you so much!
and take care in this weather, Mary and Syd. Hoping it leaves you safe and dry. xoxoxo


I love your little hooked sheep no.2 - your colour scheme is soft and beautiful. Nice work. Of all of the artsy crafty things I do, I have never tried rug hooking. Inspirational!

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Marie said...

The kimono cuffs are amazing and the little hooked pins...too cute!
When it is snowy here...all I want to do is stay home, stitch, drink tea and have good food! (enchiladas sounds fantastic.)
It is touching that you and your friends are helping the people in Haiti. We are one big family and we need each other...right?

mimi k said...

I really like those felt bracelets!