Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birds and cookies...

I think this funny little owl is finished. It will be flying off to Australia soon as well the the hooked bird below to another fellow fiber artist.
I got the legs and shoes sewn on last night, now for a party hat!
When I came home from Artfest I was greeted by the pounding of hammmers and skillsaws.
House renovations are in full swing and it makes it difficult to "sleep in" which is what I most want to do right now. Dust and dirt and walls torn up are how we are living at the moment. Eventually we will have a bigger kitchen and a more solid foundation but it's hard to focus on my art during the day....but I am still managing to get some work done in the evening and that makes me happy.
Today I am off to a Party for friends that I've known for many years. Both turned 60 and they are having live music and tasty treats at their home over the mountain in Paradise. That really is the name of where they live! Both are incredible artists and have two talented daughters who I hope are there too. I made a tray of appetizers to take with me called "Chili Cheese Squares". It's the first time I've tried the recipe so I hope they are as good as they look.

And I may bring some of these cookies if there are any left by the time I leave home.
I made these delicious Brown Butter cookies from a recipe sent to me by my friend Katie. These are the cookies she made for our cookie exchange with the rug hookers. She found it at :

I rolled the cookie balls in fresh ground Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals and they are so YUMMIE!
My son and I keep going back for just one more! Great with a hot cup of tea.
There are some more ways to make these. Instead of rolling them in salt you can roll them in sugar for a different taste. Just Google: Brown Butter Cookies for more recipes and variations.
Here is how they look just before baking.
Have a great weekend!


Jan said...

Hi, glad i found your blog, I'm going to follow. I know you don't post about cookies all the time but those sound delicious. I have long admired your work. I'll be back.

Jacky said...

What a hoot... my little owl looks so cute and I cant wait to hold him. I hope my little fellow arrives this week...its normally a week to 10 days from USA.
Dots hooked bird is a delight. I love those black and white stripey legs and pink boots!!!!
Cookies sound delicious, my mouth is watering. I will check out the recipe. I like the sound of the salt flakes.

Take care and I hope your renovations are finished soon.

I will let you know when my little fellow arrives.

Jacky xox

Dot said...

Oh, oh, oh...what a wonderful post! I am drooling over the owl for Jacky (she will love him) and the bird for me :). I adore the stripey legs and pink boots (he heee)and know I will find the perfect place in my home for him/her. Those cookies look and sound delicious.
Hope the renovations run smoothly for you.
Dot xx

Marie said...

Your hooked bird and owl are perfect!
Your Australian artist friend will l-o-v-e them! I am feeling sorry for you regarding the construction but, the good news is you will have a lovely kitchen. :)
I will have to try that cookie
recipe. Take care <3

Anonymous said...

Found your Blog on Lorna's site.Love the owl, and I love those birdie boots too!!

I don't envy you your renovations. Hope things go smoothly.