Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birds from Australia!

Here is the wonderful stitched and beaded bird that Dot sent me! What a delightful surprise!
And a bundle of fun fabrics to play with and a sweet card, too.
Jacky's owl is so cute with it's little quilted wings and sparkly eyes! She even sent me a
water color for my journal and some great owl fabric, too! Thank you girls!!! I love everything!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely surprise. I love the birdie! So sweet. And the fabrics. What a lovely parcel!

Dot said...

I am so pleased that you received packages from me and Jacky the same week!
And am happy you liked the bird I made for you and the fabrics (a girl can never have too many fabrics right? he heh).
And Jackie's owl is adorable. I hadn't seen the owl watercolor she did for you so am thrilled to see it here!
It was lovely swapping with you. I adore my bird and will do a blog post about your bird (and other goodies) next week.
Dot xx

martha brown said...

Aren't dot and Jacky wonderful? I have work from both of them :)

grace said...

Oh I want some! Can you send me their info. So special!

Jacky said...

Hi Mary, what a lovely post with all of your Australian goodies!!!! Was such FUN swapping with you and I just ADORE my woolly owl. The little hooked heart brooch is gorgeous and I cant wait to wear it.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Jacky xox

p.s. sorry I couldnt post pictures on my blog of all the goodies, my photos were very blurry and not good enough to put up. I did love the one with the two owls together though.