Friday, July 23, 2010

Beach days

I have been feeling like a mermaid lately with all my ocean visits and swimming as the water gets warmer and warmer. We had a summer beach reunion at Tajiguas Beach as dolphins swam by and music and singing kept us company. More beach days followed as some of the art girls met at Refugio for a nice day of sun and water.

 Just had to show you the beautiful bloom on my second artichoke flower!
It changes everyday and I can't wait to go out and see what is happening each morning as I water our little vegetable garden.

 This is Refugio Beach, up the coast a bit from Santa Barbara. Great place to spend the day, take a walk out to the  point where the surfers enjoy the waves, and cool off in the healing salt water of the Pacific. I rode my boogie board out past the breakers and got yards away  from a pod of dolphins swimming by. Overhead I counted 35 pelicans flying by in formation...happiness!

A few of my finds from the last beach walks at Goleta.
I always pick up the colored tile pieces for future mosaic projects that I hope to do....and of course can't resist a few more heart rocks!

I took this photo of my friend Lise, one of the most creative and funny people I know. I did not know that she had all this amazing work done on her back until we were at the beach reunion. I asked to see it and she pulled off her top! I said...let me get a photo! We both have boys in college and she is a grandmother.
I got my ears pierced when I was 16 and that is about as daring as I am .....

 Our friend, Judy came from Florida to visit after 35 years and invited us to a rooftop wine and cheese event at the Canary Hotel in downtown SB. I had never been there and heard it was decorated with wonderful textiles. I took a few photos of the embroidered cloth on the 5th floor and had a hard time getting to the wine and cheese...too many beautiful fabrics to examine...lots of ikats from Indonesia and masks from New Guinea. 
Tomorrow a group of us are off to Los Angeles to check out the Renegade Craft Fair...Art Girls Field Trip!



Yael said...

OMG, this tattoo is, is, is -

Cynthia Eloise said...

the tattoo looks pretty amazing. looks like you had a nice sunny weekend. thanks for sharing.

Dot said...

I love reading your posts Mary. Your friend's tattoo looks amazing and she has a very young looking back!