Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Home again!

We were in Berkeley Saturday morning for breakfast and I managed to get a few quick photos of one of my favorite shops, "Castle in the Air" on Fourth st. No time for shopping with 3 hungry menfolk, but we will be back in the area in December and I hope I will have a little more time to look around.

This is little red riding hood in the front window. The wolf is on the other side of the bed dressed in Grandma's nightie.

Next door a whole store full of Japanese fabrics!

One of my wooly birds I am working on for the show this weekend.

Some cashmere elephants I made this week. My friend Grace sent me a fun elephant card and it made a great pattern idea so i went with it. Thanks, Grace!

Another hooked bird I just finished up for the show.
Still lots to do before Friday...I've been stitching non-stop since I've been home from our weekend trip...and loving it!


Yael said...

All your work is wonderful Mary, but this last bird is so funny!!!

Jacky said...

Love your funky creatures Mary! That felted wool bird is sooooo cute.

Love the gifts from Dot. Her beaded feltwork is just luscious isnt it?

Have fun on the weekend.

Jacky xox

Marie said...

You have the "funnest" shops ever; near you! Well, maybe not next door but, not too far away.
Love all your new stitching and what fun the show will be. :)

dulcy said...

Love everything in this post! Your little hooked birdie is the cutest with it's skinny stripe legs. Would love to get inside that shop you photographed!

Angela said...

Whenever I am in Berkeley and see Castle in the Air I think of you :-)

mimi k said...

love the birds and the elephants! I've been having elephant thoughts too- after looking at an old Richard Scarry book :-)