Friday, November 05, 2010

Warm and Fuzzy....

It's so nice to have internet friends to share and trade with. Look what the lovely Dot sent me!
Hand felted and stitched with the tiniest stitches and embellished with beads and buttons. I love the wonderful fiber creations that are coming forth from the Australian art ladies! I've done some fun exchanges with Jacky, Elizabeth and Dot and love having fiber friends in faraway places.

Dot also sent me some beautiful sari and kimono silks and ribbons...almost too nice to use...almost....have some ideas brewing...I am thinking of the cloth weaving projects...we will see.

Our family is off for the weekend to Northern California for a family wedding. We will pick up our older son, Jason over in Berkeley. He gave me a list of things to bring him as he left his car at home. Hope to have a fun lunch in Berkeley or Palo Alto on Sunday and then home again!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Oh, by the way...thank you for the softie bug leg ideas! I decided to add legs out of black felt, cut out of one piece and sewed to the bottom. Photos soon! Adios for now!

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Yael said...

Oops oh dear - false placement of comment!

Here you go: Have a wonderful weekend up there in North California Mary!
And yes, let us see the bugs walking!