Monday, December 27, 2010

Off to No. California..

 We are heading off to No. California for a little vacation. On my last trip to the Bay area I took a quick visit to Valencia St. where some of my favorite shops are located. I love LAKU! All handmade goodies...from baby slippers to flower brooches to cashmere hats. Full of inspiration and unique fabric creations.

 Ribbed wool flowers on a sort of chandelier in the window.

 Down the street I had to go into this fun store called Casa Bonampak. I bought several paper garlands to decorate the house with. Super nice and helpful saleswomen took good care of me.

 While waiting for the stores to open I found this great co-op bakery. I had a ginger shortbread cookie and a Mexican hot chocolate and did a little people watching.

 This store was closed but had an interesting window. Must visit on my next trip up.

 These are some photos from my last visit to "Just Folk" in Summerland, Ca. This metal robot guy is new to the store and I loved how they hung the heart garland I made for them around his neck.

 Vintage quilts...

 Sweet little wood carving...

 Another wonderful quilt...

 A postage stamp quilt...really amazing in person...

 An intricate wooden of many on display....

 Love these dolls!

Another carved house. Hope you enjoyed your visit. All good wishes for a Happy New Year.

Peace and good will to all.....back in 2011!


Jacky said...

Loved the visit... full of lots of interesting things.
Loved those paper garlands, would definitely have had to have a few of them for my home too. arent they amazing.
Your hearts looked wonderful on the robot and those lovely old dolls really stole my heart. And those beautiful old quilts, especially the postage stamp quilt...what patience.

enjoy your visit and I am sure you will come home full of inspiration and itching to create.

Jacky xox

Ruostevilla said...

Funny...LAKU in Finnish means liquorice, but I can see there were other kinds of sweet things in the shop. Wishing you Happy Holidays!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Thank you for taking me along on your trip north!! I love it when you share your travels!! Happy New Year, Mary Stanley!!

Yael said...

Have fun Mary!
Wonderful photos! We'll think about you at my blog party! Maybe you still can come? :-)

Dot said...

Hi there Mary
Thankyou so much for sharing so many wonderful photo's of your visit. I am sure you will have a wonderful time in California this time too! You go to so many interesting places and I love coming along for the ride (through your lovely blog).
Thanks for your creative inspiration and friendship this year. I think of you often when I use pieces of the fabric stash youn sent to me and look at my hooked bird and kitty!
Look forward to seeing more of your art in 2011 - and photo's of the places you visit and of your catch up's with art friends.
Lots of love
Dot xx

lynda Howells said...

Love your images. It is great to see other people's travels. One of the images made me stop and look again. The photo that has the coloured dolls in it. The golliwog in the centre has NOT been allowed to be sold in UK for ages, as it is considered racist....or so the Goverment says!
X lynda

Marie said...

OMgoodnesss! I loved the little black folk dolls, too cute! What a fun trip. I always enjoy seeing what you have seen. As I have said before, you have the best shops ever! <3

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

It was great catching up a bit with your blog. Have missed having a chance to do much of that this year. Love the contrast of that metal man with your garland. Sending wishes for a happy, healthy and color filled year ahead.

Morna Crites-Moore ~Wicked Waif ~ said...

Would love to visit the store with you. And, oh, Mary - your hooked gnomes are hilarious! What an inspired idea. Love them!