Friday, December 10, 2010

A visit to "Castle in the Air"...

A visit to Berkeley, Ca. is not complete without enjoying the magical world of Castle in the Air.
Shari and Clint welcomed me into this enchanted place and let me take as many photos as I wanted. Every where you turn there is something to delight the eye and spark the creative spirit.

Looking up...

Just one of several Christmas trees...they get the award for most red and white mushrooms on a tree!
There is a new gallery and workshop space upstairs....

View from the gallery...that's the sweet and gracious Shari at the counter and Clint in the background.
Masks on display for upcoming workshops....

A fun little place where you can have your picture taken with the marionettes...
Hope you enjoyed your visit to the "Castle"!

I got my little gnome finished up last night. I re-did his face a little bit and had to re-hook one of his shoes....since I draw all of my patterns free hand things aren't always the same on both sides and when I had it all done and looked at it for a bit his right shoe bothered me and I had to add a half inch to fix it.
I've been in busy mode again this week making things for the local farmers market and another one of my favorite stores up in Napa Valley, "Muse" requested some things before Christmas so non-stop crafting around here!
The Painted Cave Farmers Market will be Sunday, Dec. 12, 9am to 12 noon at 4844 Ogram Rd.
I will be selling my fiber art creations and other local crafters will be there too. Wonderful live music, local produce and goat cheese from Laurel Springs Ranch. We also have a world renown Peruvian shaman visiting the community who will be doing a earth healing ceremony this weekend. For more info on that visit: or call 719-966-2005,


Elizabeth Armstrong said...

Dear MAry
Such a lovely post!
I think I may have been lost in that shop for several days! The new gnome is gorgeous and I really think could come and live with me.

art spirit said...

Thanks, Elizabeth!
I'll be making more soon.

grace said...

Ditto what Elizabeth said! I will have to make that store a destination stop next time I'm in CA!
What about a small gnome-for me-when you have time. I have my last craft show tomorrow-whew!

The Dreaming Bear said...

Wow!!!! This looks like such a magical place!!! Thank you for the "tour!" And your farmer's market sounds so wonderful!!! Wish I could be there to shop! Have a good weekend!