Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice!

New owl that flew off to the East Coast for a Christmas gift.

Two wooly owls that I just finished up last night. Can't seem to stop making things!

Not the prettiest shot of our Christmas tree but I managed to get it decorated with my mostly handmade ornaments from friends. We are off to our store's Christmas dinner party tonight. Both boys are home now and I've already made two different kinds of cookies. Love baking for the family.

Wanted to show you our "Squirrel" bird bath. This was my anniversary present this year. The birds and squirrels both seem to like it.

Penny gave me one of these for our Hookers Christmas gift exchange with a beautiful necklace inside. I went to World Market-Cost plus and bought more. I love the designs and messages.

I also got some fun wrapping paper...this fits in with where we live and some of the wildlife around us in the National Forest.

My son likes owls so most of his presents are wrapped in this owl paper.

On the way to Berkeley I stopped in Paso Robles and enjoyed this cute shop called Firefly. 
Lots of nice handmade items.

Fourth St. in Berkeley was my first stop in the Bay area. Loved this funny window. The next day I got to go to the San Francisco Renegade show which was lots of fun. I had to shop quickly as I had two guys anxious to get home after finals. So fun to see what the SF artists are up to and support the arts and crafts.

Fourth St. trees with decorations at dusk on Friday.

Now I need to clean off the table and move the boxes of wool out of the living room!

All good wishes for a healthful, peaceful, and  prosperous  solstice and holiday season!


Jacky said...

Wonderful owls.... those snow owls look fantastic, very wintery.
Love the angels your friend Penny gave you. Is that shop online, I'd love some of those too.

Lovely you have your two boys home already. wishing you all a Christmas and New Year filled with peace, happiness and good fortune.

Jacky xox

Pixie said...

Hi Mary....lovely post and happy christmas to you......just wanted to say thank you for all your lovely comments that you have left me over the months and for being a lovely bloggy friend....
Merry christmas and happy winter solstice...Pixie xxxxx

grace said...

Hi Mary! It looks like Christmas at your house! I love the new owls and the owl wrap! Hope you have a Happy Holiday!

art spirit said...

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments and visits! I appreciate every one!
Hope you all have a lovely Holiday time!