Sunday, March 04, 2012

Feels like Spring

It feels like Spring today! It's sunny and warm and we ate breakfast outside with a view of the Channel Islands and Pacific Ocean. I even bought some daffodils to brighten up the house.
Hooked up one more rabbit and have a squirrel almost finished. I found a great red angora sweater at the thrift store and went to work on some new little foxes. From just the sleeves I managed to get 8 heads sewn up and stuffed. Now for the fun part....picking out fun wool combinations for the bodies.

Here is what Rabbity looked like a few days ago. I like to hook the outside edge and then the markings and then fill in with different colors of wool. As you can see I had to change the mouth a bit and don't always go by my lines.

Two fun and colorful plates that I got from my husband for my birthday. These are designed by Nathalie Lete for Anthropologie. I will add these to my collection. I like to use them for holiday dinners and special occasions.


Orange Sink said...

Those rabbits are the cutest little fella's! Love all the different wools you use! They look so soft and huggable!! Your hubby picked out some really beautiful plates! He has a good artistic eye!!
Can't wait to see the little foxes you're working on! I'm inspired to hook something dimensional now if I can find some time!!!
Cathy G

Dot said...

Happy Spring Mary! Love your Rabbit and the red angora sweater sounds perfect for your foxes. The plates are beautiful.
Dot xx

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

Nathalie Lete work is so funky and chunky :-}

I am sure it feels great to recycle into something of your own creation. I am a total rabbit lover.

HUGS Lorraine