Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A few new things...

Lots of new things to share this week. The hooked owl on the left is new. Had to take his photo with his buddy...I think they look best in groups. These will probably go to a local shop who asked for some colorful owls.

Here he is all by himself.

And the hooked robin finally got some legs, not to stand on because  he's a wall hanging type birdie.

And this funny fella has a beret from a neighbor that just fit perfectly...he still needs some wings but was ready for a quick photo today. The cool fabric is a decorator sample that I picked up at Art From Scrap.
They have baskets full of great samples for 25 cents each. I try and go every couple of weeks to see what's new. Last week I found some nice pieces of linen that I think may turn into rabbits.

I love the clothing from Gudrun Sjoden and every once in a while I order something just for fun. This winter I purchased 2 linen artist's tops that I wear all the time. Anyway they are having a contest online right now....it's using their products by recycling them somehow to make something different. I couldn't resist and made three things! I made the cat guy above using a Gudrun sweater and the collage on canvas below from a paper mailbag. The third thing I made is the journal cover using a plastic mailer. I fused the plastic to some grocery bags and then cut them out with pinking shears. I sewed them to a piece of indigo handmade paper from Anthropologie that I bought a year ago because it was so beautiful. I folded it over to make a fun cover for my Smash journal. 

Go to their website if you are interested and join in the fun! I could make about 5 more things but I better just stop here...I have rug hooking to do!


Here are the two chenille bunnies that finally got faces and are now in a shop waiting for new homes for Easter.

My copies of the newest "Stuffed" magazine arrived! So fun to see my article on the little house pin cushions in person. They did a great job. Somehow everything looks better in the magazine than here at home!  The houses in the photos are the ones that I took to Artfest last year and went home with the attendees on vendor night. I am still working on the few I have left...slowly but surely.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and creative week!


Tammy Burks said...

I always love all the creatures that you dream up and your houses are beyond divine! How exciting to see your creations in print!

Claire said...

My goodness you have been busy Mary.........love your work, Owls, Robins, bunnies all gorgeous.
Love the idea of Art from Scrap, what fun to sift through piles of fabric samples looking for inspiration.

Gudrun Sjoden's clothing is fabulous, love checking out her site, but have never ordered anything. Maybe it's time to treat myself.......

Your pincushion houses are just so darn cute, I think it's a crime!! Well done on having an article about them and your work in "Stuffed", very exciting.....

Righto back to the sewing machine and my owls......it's been a fun visit.

Claire :]

Elizabeth Armstrong said...

MAry as always a fab post.
So in love with the owls and may have to order some!
Congrats on the article the wee houses look sensational - they look best as a village I think rather than a lone dwelling.

Off to the studio to get creative too

art spirit said...
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art spirit said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments!
always appreciated..and love to hear what you are working on too!
xxoo mary

Yael said...

My dear Mary, you are one of the most creative persons I know! Each time anew I am in awe about your lovely ideas and the outcome of it. Every thing is always whimsical, full of humor and fun colorful and unique!
I LOVE your art!

Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint said...

Such a lovely blog!~ I'm a new follower ~ ♥♥

Pixie said...

WOW...lots of gloriously created creations....i love the cat and the magazine looks interesting too, we don't magazines like that here in England, i would have to order on line, perhaps i shall take a look at the same time as stopping by at Gudrens lovely site.
...Wonderful post Mary.
hugs Pixie xxxxx

dulcy said...

Oh Mary! LOVE this post! I'm going to pick up that issue of Stuffed as soon as I can..... I thought about entering the Gudrun challenge, but too many irons in fire right now. Wonderful prizes! I allow myself something from her each season. You should have a great chance at that with your creative entries. All your creations are fun and fantastic!

Pixie said...

Oh wow i'm so jealous that you are going to Julie Arkells workshop in France, i would so love to do that one..have a wonderful time, i know you will, she is such a lovely, warm lady...and truly inspiring...
Have fun.
Pixie x

Marie said...

Hi Mary,

Oh swoon...I went and took a look at Gudrun Sjoden clothes and LOVE love them. What a treat. Hard to believe you cut up gorgeous clothes, but understand.
When we have had clothes for a long while they become ho hum.
LOve your new creations and your hooked owls...delightful.
Those bunnies are soooo sweet.
Have a great day <3