Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back to work

Two new hooked owls perched in the rosemary outside. They will be at the Waldorf Winter Faire on Saturday, Dec. 1 in Goleta.

I was in my studio looking for some beads and came across this striped sweater  and decided to make some cats for the Faire. I think they look quite humorous before stuffing so I took a photo just for fun.

One of my favorite places to walk is by the ocean. If I am downtown doing errands I try and get my daily walk in before I drive up the mountain. The fog was coming in as the weather changed giving the coast an ethereal look.
For this evening I have 5 mermaids to finish up, 2 dog softies, 7 little foxes, and a new hooked squirrel that is almost done. And stuff  the striped cats and give them faces....will see how much I get done!


Grace said...

Good luck with your show! I hope the weather is good. Great sweater for the kitties!

Jacky said...

Now that is some list for one evening!!! You are so productive Mary.
Love the striped kitties!

Good luck at the Faire.

Jacky xox

dulcy said...

I think those little sweater kitties are going to be so cute! I always love your owls and foxes. All your creations! What a beautiful part of the country you live in. A daily walk by the ocean sounds like heaven!


Marie said...

Beautiful foggy morning along the coast.
Your hooked owls are sooo cute!
I know you will do well at the Faire. xo <3

Lynn said...

Your blog is absolutely adorable. I love your work, it is so creative. Especially those little stuffed critters :) I have been feeling crafty myself today, working on embroidering a tea towel (after I fused on some bright colored triangles first) but now, after seeing all your cute things, realize there is so much more I could make. Thanks for the whimsical little animals. They made me smile and have inspired me, too.

Cloverleaf Art and Fibre said...

I love the owls. It's great to see creative hooking like that.

Mary Stanley said...

thanks, all, for your comments...Faire was great even with the rain!