Friday, November 23, 2012


Here's my leftover turkey. Mine, all mine.

Today we slept in, checked emails, pinned for a while and made a list of things to finish up for the next craft show. Henry kept me company.

I have fun setting the table for our Holiday dinners. I locate all the turkeys that I can find around the house, add some mushrooms and gnomes and candles and my favorite Nathalie Lete plates and a couple of thrift store linen table cloths and we are ready. Spent most of the day cooking. We got in a family hike on the Fremont Trail near our home up here in the mountains and then back to cooking.
So nice to have both boys home for the weekend. Although Justin managed to bring about 3 weeks of laundry for he's off to play beach volleyball with his old friends and Jason is downtown selling an iphone. Quiet here....just me and the cats. Hope to get some sewing done today and maybe some hooking tonight. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Day as well....

Here's funny cat I made awhile back...just added the wool skirt.


babs said...

Hope your day was restful...looks like you were busy yesterday. Today is a perfect craft day. Enjoy!

Yael said...

That cat is just hilarious Mary! :-)
Enjoy your Sunday!

Mary Stanley said...

Thanks!!! Hope to get some stitching done today.

Marie said...

Sounds like such a lovely day! My day was restful with cooking too!
Thanks for sharing xo

Marie said...

p.s. Ha I was laughing about the chocolate turkey...I am possessive when it comes to chocolate too! lol!

Pixie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time Mary, (apart from all the laundry), why do boys do that?, gotta luv em, anyway, Henry looks marvelously cosie and i have been eyeing up that cat cushion, love it, did you make it?,, i think i need one too.xx

ps...guess what...i have booked a workshop day with Jessie Chorley in March...mega excited.

Hugs hugs pixzie xxx