Monday, November 12, 2012

Hooking for the Winter Faire at the Waldorf School

My next craft fair will be Dec. 1 at the Waldorf School in Goleta so I've been busy making some more things to fill up my table. A little mushroom house and ornament just got finished up today.

A little owl will be ready for a new home soon.

A heart with flying bird is my latest hooked piece, waiting to be sewn and stuffed. I try and put in a tiny bit of lavender inside to keep any moths from nibbling on the wool.

And yesterday was my husband's birthday and he wanted to do a family brunch with the boys so we picked up Justin from UCSB and had a delicious breakfast at the Succulent Cafe in Solvang. We sat outdoors and it was actually a bit chilly for a change. Our weather went from 94 F to 63 F in one week.
Now we are having a cozy fire in the fireplace at night to keep us warm. After our meal we took a hike up to Nojoqui Falls. Not much water but the boys had fun throwing bay laurel nuts at each other.

Jason taking photos of the ferns...

The boys walking ahead through the oaks, sycamores, and bay laurels.

And a cat photo...our black kitty had to check out my vintage suitcase for a safe sleeping spot.

I have lots more projects on my "to do" list so I'd best get back to work....after a piece of the cheesecake I made for Dennis for his birthday....


Grace said...

Mary, I'm amazed! I don't know how you get so much done-love the mushrooms and the heart with the bird. And on top of hooking, you have time to make cheesecake and go hiking! I wish I had your energy! And talent!!

Yael said...

In Hebrew we say: "Ein kamoch" which is a pretty good compliment! It translates to "no one like you" - I mean it Mary! You are just so awesome creative. Your stuff is always pretty and whimsical and surprising! And you are very diligent too!
Good luck at the fair! :-)

Mary Stanley said...

Thanks so much for your inspiring comments! They make me happy!

dulcy said...

Love all your creations (as always!). Especially this little bluebird in heart. Such a sweet little kitty in a suitcase...... mines currently behind the door back by the heat vent. She's hot to the touch!