Monday, February 28, 2011

Circles of wool

 I spent one evening cutting out circles from wool and felt to embellish some wool scarves that I saved from the thrift store. I hope to have about 6 to take to Artfest for vendor night.

 The owl got finished up and is ready for stuffing. And in the meantime I hooked up another squirrel holding an acorn. My plan is to buy about 4 bags of stuffing when I head down to pick up my son today. Luckily our meeting spot is right near Craft Essentials so I can zoom in before he gets out of school.

We have our Rug Hooking meeting tonight at Pepa's at 7pm. Always fun to see what everyone is working on!

 A new hooked bird that got finished up last night during the Academy Awards.

 And just for fun I thought I'd show you how I make the fabric painted owls. First I just do a rough sketch of owl shapes with a Sharpie on some cotton fabric. Then I sew around the outline. I trim off the excess and cut a 2" line down the middle back to turn it inside out. Then I stuff it with polyfil, sew up the opening and paint several coats of paint on the cotton. Decorate it with more paint and add legs...I will show more photos as I go along.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Woodland creatures and large boulders

 I made this fabric mushroom and birdie a while back but couldn't resist taking a photo while the yard is so full of fresh green goodness.

 Here is the progress being made on my latest owl. I think I can finish him up tonight if there is something fun to watch on TV.

 I am sort of proud of myself for covering this ottoman that I found at the thrift store. I put this project on my "To Do" list for 2011 as it has been sitting for quite a while. I used ethnic fabrics that I also got from my thrift store visits. I have not done much of this type of work so it was a little bit of a challenge. The top can be removed and there is room for storage inside...another place to put some of my fabric collection!

 Just have to show you some more photos of the big boulders behind our house. They are covered with bright green moss and lichen and I am having fun going out to check them out while the tree trimmer is making them more visible.

 Interesting shapes appear...

 It looks like a garden troll at the top and the silhouette of a person down below...and maybe a mushroom shaped boulder on the right...

 It's hard to tell but our little black kitty is busy exploring the trees...she zooms right up to the highest branches with ease.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I managed to get in a little rug hooking last week and made this little squirrel pin cushion.

 I started this little art quilt quite a while ago and found it again and did a little more stitching on it. Still needs the edges turned under and more stitching. All kimono fabrics.

Two friends came up on Friday for tea and a visit and I got some of my dolls, cats and birds in order. Anna went home with some new wooly friends for gifts and Kate gave me the sweetest kitty heart ornament. Yesterday we headed off to Los Angeles for a good bye to my husbands childhood home. His mother passed away last year and the house is being sold and we went down for a last look. We found some little things to bring home and then got in a quick visit to IKEA in Burbank. I got some new curtains for our living room and a few odds and ends for our store and home. A crazy day to shop with the Holidays and all...but still fun. Today we have chain saws buzzing outside as the tree trimmers are at work again. It's cold outside...and on Saturday we had snow for about an hour and then a beautiful sunny day Sunday for our drive to LA.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New owl....

 I have a new owl in the works...liking him so far. Our 70 degree weather has ended and we are expecting a rainy week, perfect for sitting by the fire and doing fiber art. And sorting wool and trying to clear off the table which still has the Christmas table cloth on it along with various other craft projects. I am hoping today will be the day I get it cleared off before I have to drive down the mountain to take my son to his guitar lesson. We also have our tree trimmer here today-giving the oaks some much needed grooming. Quite a few dead branches that threaten to fall on cars and other out buildings. So I am off to sorting and tossing and moving things around with my tea cup in hand.

This is part of our side yard. I saw Henry the cat looking over this direction and a squirrel was searching in the leaves for acorns. We have lots of these huge boulders that run across the property and are fun to climb on...especially for the cats and squirrels. Well, back to work!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

 A busy and fun creative weekend! First we had our workshop at Art From Scrap. I put my heart garland sample up on the wall next to Mary Price's show. They seemed to blend together pretty well. She has lots of fun art - if you are in the neighborhood check out her show in the upstairs gallery.

 Sienna comes every Saturday to the workshops and she got right to work on her valentine.

 Another valentine in the works. Carefully placed "jewels" made a great big heart.

 Just had to show you this fun creation from a previous workshop.

 Here is Sienna again. A girl after my own heart....she made a mushroom garden all out of things in the recycle shop. We had a great group of kids and adults all making their own valentines. I met Syd afterward for a great lunch at the SBMA cafe.
Below are the girls at the ARt Clinic on Sunday working  on their wool applique circles. Lots of fun visiting with everyone while stitching away and learning new embroidery stitches..

Three generations of McCutcheon girls...all artists...Maddie sewed in Syd's lap!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Workshop today!

 I am off this morning to teach a Valentine workshop at Art From Scrap. I am expecting a flurry of creativity with kids and maybe some adults too. I made some heart garlands for ideas but anything goes!
I like all the ways you can configure the word LOVE and hope they can have fun with all the materials at hand to create some valentines and decorations for Feb.14.

 Here you can see the paper birds in the center of the heart mobile I made for our workshop today.

 Had to get in a little rug hooking this week! Made this Milagro heart on burlap. It is now stuffed and ready to go.

 Last night was the fourth anniversary of the Art Clinic and I hopped over to help celebrate. The lovely mascot was dressed up for the party. Lots of folks showed up and enjoyed the valentine making, good eats, and music complete with a Haiku making time.

 Yummy cupcakes, fresh strawberries and more!

 Lots of creativity going on for a birthday group who came to help celebrate.

Carol and Syd, the gracious hostesses and creative spirits of the Art Clinic. We get together again this Sunday to work on some fun circle applique projects. Can't wait! I 'll take photos!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lots of Hearts....

 While making more of the paper hearts for my Heart Garland workshop on Saturday I had a "what if" moment and decided to make them into a mobile. I used an old embroidery hoop, covered it with while cotton cloth and tied the hearts around the hoop. It is hard to see in the photo but I added a row of paper birds that hang from the center. I will have to try taking another photo to show the birds. This could also be made using felt hearts or any other shape. I have another sample in the works but not quite ready for a photo.

 I finished up these painted cloth hearts with vintage buttons and wire hangers in time for Valentine's Day. Took them down to "Imagine" along with the necklaces I made this week.

 For this one I used Colleen's fabric yoyo beads sewn to a beaded necklace from Peru. It is nice and long and makes a fun and colorful addition to any outfit.

 Milagro hearts swing from the pearls and beads on these long necklaces. All for sale at 'Imagine" in Santa Barbara. It was fun to do some jewelry again and I can't wait to make some more things to bring to Artfest for vendor night.

 Ohhh....Free Fabric!!! Had to stop and fill up my bag before going to the Farmers Market last Saturday! got some good stuff...still in the trunk of my car....I'm pretty sure they have more to give away!

Sunday was our Community Garden meeting and work day. We got more poles put in for our fencing. A beautiful day to work outside and visit with the neighbors. The fruit trees are beginning to flower, the hills are green with fresh grass, and wildflowers are popping up all over. Feels like Spring is here already!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Lots going on....

 The little felt heart pins got stuffed and sewn and are now in a shop downtown along with the winged heart pins. Just in time for Valentine's Day.

 This kitty girl is holding a stuffed felt heart. I painted cotton muslin with acrylic paint after stuffing the body and made little arms that I sewed on later.

 A small acrylic painting I started over at the Art Clinic last weekend. It is about 6" square. I started about 4 more that I am working on and hope to get completed soon....maybe this weekend while the boys watch the Super Bowl..

 Not sure if this one is done a work in progress...

This lovely hand dyed wool was a gift from my rug hooking-quilter friend, Maren. Love the soft colors and can't wait to hook up some birds soon with it. Love the card too...makes me want to embroider too!

It has been a busy week around here. My son turned 21, Syd had a birthday party over in Solvang and I had my birthday yesterday.Colleen and Syd took me to lunch and we enjoyed the 70 degree weather dining outside at Fresco. We discussed some "Bucket List" ideas for the coming year. Hope to manifest some new adventures!
My husband and son took me out to dinner and we have tickets to see the Moody Blues in May..also a box of See's candy..yum! Lots of Facebook birthday wishes, too...the living room got painted and new carpet is coming-so I am a happy girl. Now maybe I can have the rug hookers over for our meeting this Spring.

 Made these hearts and mushrooms for Charlotte and Pam who came for a fun weekend of painting, estate sales, dining and lots of laughing and sharing art tips and ideas. Charlotte taught a class in Los Angeles last Sunday at the French General and came all the way from New York. Pam and Charlotte brought us gifts of their special samplers and wrapping paper, aprons and more and promise to come back soon for more fun and art. Can't wait!

 Here is Charlotte working on her painting...what great her palette.

 Colleen stitched and embroidered on her Sue Spargo piece.

 And Sukey worked on her applique and embroidered art quilt.

 Jill McCutcheon painted her paper mache hearts and kept an eye on Maddie who was having a tea party with Ruth, Carol's daughter.

 Syd and Pam painting until after midnight on Sat. So fun to see all the changes to each painting as time went on.

 On Saturday morning we headed out to check out some local garage and estate sales. We found some fun things for future art projects.

 I had to get a picture of this little girl dressed as a princess brushing this very patient dog dressed up for the cold morning in a sweatshirt and Patagonia hat.
And somehow I deleted my links list by mistake..sorry! I was trying to update it and removed the whole thing!
When things slow down around here-if they do-I will try and re-do it.
Hope you all have a great weekend!
I am hoping to get some jewelry started and work on our community garden this Sunday. And we may be having guests for the Super Bowl extravaganza a little house cleaning is off for some rug hooking!