Thursday, September 27, 2012

Big pumpkin

Last night I finished hooking this big guy. It has a sort of primitive look I think. 
It's ready to take to "Imagine" tomorrow. Measures about 12" by 11" tall and took over 6 hours to hook.

Here's the back. A soft orange wool blanket backing and felt heart to cover up the opening.

And while I was delivering some things to Imagine yesterday they showed me my cat in the new issue of "Season's" magazine. 
Off to the Art Clinic today....happy stitching!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pumpkin time!

it's Fall and time to hook some pumpkins! I got busy and hooked up these three small pumpkins for a local shop.

this is the back. I sewed all around the hooked pieces twice and turned it inside out. then stuffed it and will sew up the opening and cover it with a felt or wool heart. 

Group photo...

Meanwhile Mr. Henry takes a nap....

while his cousin poses like a sphinx on the deck....

Friday, September 21, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

Sometimes it seems the Universe smiles upon least that is how it felt on my last trip to Art From Scrap!  I was rooting through the fabric bins looking for linen to use for upcoming shows and one of the lovely helpers said she had some quilt pieces that I might be interested in. Out came a bag filled with "cutter" pieces of wonderful vintage quilts and a Grandmother's flower garden quilt top!
There is something so special about the soft vintage fabrics from old quilts. I have plans for some fun cats with dresses and other things.... just had to share some of the great prints with you. I feel the quilter had a fun color sense as I look at the combinations she put together.

love the soft blue with red has a cow being milked on it!

this is another "cutter" quilt that I bought a few weeks ago along with the one below....may not be able to cut that one up....may just have to mend it!

And Henry seems to be glad we are back home. He likes to join me in the morning as I check email and spend way too much time on Pinterest!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

some exciting news!

Been busy making some samples for our upcoming workshop next February in Oaxaca, Mexico!
Colleen Darling, Syd McCutcheon and myself will be teaching a fiber and art workshop on fun stitched purses, bags, and fiber jewelry and what ever else you might want to make! I will post the whole info. soon. Would love it if you would like to join us on this fun adventure. Lots of time for shopping and visiting artists and museums and collecting things to put on our art pieces. 
More info. from Colleen our trip organizer at:

some bracelets make from vintage quilt fabric and old buttons...

these are Kindle holders...nice and cozy, lined for protection...made from Japanese fabric and Guatemalan fabric and more vintage yoyos.

Another Kindle holder with some stitching...had to use my son's Kindle for the photo. I still prefer books!

In the meantime I hooked up this squirrel.

And these are two more sample purses for our workshop....they are really fun to make. It takes a bit of designing to get the fabrics just right, but I finally am using up some of my collection of ethnic fabric and it feels good! We will be bringing lots of supplies to share with our students and have time to shop for more.

Now we are off once again for a little getaway. One last trip before Justin starts at UCSB.
Up to Calistoga for a few days...soak in the hot springs, eat at our favorite restaurants and I get to look at books and check out Vintage Home in St. Helena.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Weekend Adventure

On our weekend trip I brought along some projects to finish up. I opened the truck door and this little doll was peeking at me. 

The dolls got completed and posed for a quick picture.

Two little angora kitties got faces...

We took a hike up to the old abandoned wooden buildings left by prospectors from the 1800's.

I found this funny piece of wood with old green paint and had to take a photo.

wildflowers attract the bees looking for pollen....

you have to watch out for these guys....

After our hike we drove up to Lundy Lake so the guys coud do some fishing. We found one of our favorite spots by the stream and I stitched and read while the boys fished for trout.
Then back to Benton Hot Springs for a soak and another hike up the canyon where we spied the two ravens who guard the canyon. We saw deer, bobcats, quail and sheep on our adventure.
Back home and discovered that Justin had broken his elbow rock climbing with a friend! No more volleyball for a while...the doctor put his arm in a sling, no cast, and one to two months to heal!

Friday is the artists reception for our show at Art From Scrap...5-7pm! I've got the boys and Dennis coming too...