Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Owl and Rabbits

After returning from Seattle I got in the hooking mood and made this owl.

One rabbit was already almost finished and I made a friend for him.

I wanted to try out a different pose and came up with this guy...

Rabbits tend to multiply it seems....

And while I was out in the garden I put the gnome and rabbit together...just for fun.

Right now I am working on some tin" winged heart "pins for a local shop and putting some finishing touches on some heart paintings that I started a while ago. If I can get them in the store in time for Valentine's Day they might have new homes soon.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fun in Seattle

Our Seattle art adventure started off with a train ride from Santa Barbara to the Burbank airport.
We had time for a nice breakfast before taking off for Seattle. Teesha Moore of Artfest fame had invited a few art friends up for a weekend of artmaking, shopping and sampling the wonderful variety of restaurants in Seattle.  We arrived on Thursday and got settled in at Syd's daughter's home. LE and her husband, Jon always make us feel right at home and off we went for a hot mocha and a visit to one of our favorite stores, Maxine's. Live birds chirp in cages and the colorful flowers, real and paper make it a magical place.
These photos don't really do it justice, but you get the idea....and why we always love to visit.

Just a walk away from LE's...great hot drinks and good food.

LE drove us into Seattle and helped us get our gear up to Teesha's wonderful studio right off Pioneer Square in the heart of Seattle.

On the way we spotted not one but many Yarnbombed trees! It was cold and about to snow so it felt like the wool was keeping the trees warm for the winter.

Murals on old city walls cheered up the winter day....

Inside Teesha's studio giant reproductions of her colorful jourmal pages adorned each wall.

We each started a canvas and everyone worked on each one. They all came out really different and fun.

Teesha gave us a demo on making layered plastic bags that can be used for journal covers or tote bags or whatever your heart desires.  Tara got hers made into a journal, and I made a little purse.

We all made wool owls except for Taylor who made a cat puppet that we all loved!

Taylor and Syd working on their Smash Journals. We all painted and drew in each others journals and passed them around. 

I brought  a bunch of felted wool from recycled sweaters for everyone to make a scarf with.
Tara and Teesha are laying out their pieces for sewing. Everyone's came out so different...some had pockets, some colorful, some subdued. Mine came out pretty bright and wild but I think I will still be able to wear it.

We had some interesting visitors on the window ledge.

Such a great weekend, it went by way too fast and before we knew it we were off on the plane back to Burbank, then on the train, a bus from Oxnard and a ride home up the mountain from Syd. A big Thank you to Teesha for getting us all together to make some wonderful art and Taylor, Tara, and Syd for all the inspiration and good company.  LE and Jon make it all the more special as we got to watch all the Downton Abbey episodes and some Portlania too. LE made some cool wrist warmers and we had fun carving stamps late at night. 

Syd fed sea gulls after our lunch at Ivar's fish and chips...

I loved this ceramic owl on display at the Seattle airport. Made by a teacher at the Kirkland art school.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Adventures in Sculptureland...

Aren't these bird assemblages wonderful! I found these perched atop an artists studio in Calistoga on our after Christmas vacation. We only had a few days up in Napa Valley but managed to get out and explore some new territory. These were made by Guy Pederson who sent us over to the Sculpture Gardens a few miles down the road.

Clos Pegase winery and sculpture garden was a wonderful new find. Even on New Years Eve we were the only ones wandering around the incredible grounds. Michael Graves designed the buildings in 1985 surrounded by grapes, oak trees, and mustard.

A large Dubuffet sculpture greets the visitors...

A Henry Moore piece titled Earth Mother...

Justin who turned 18 on our trip enjoying a 16th century fountain....

Jason giving the Thumbs Up sign with the big thumb...

I like signs...weathered ones...

The mustard is so beautiful in between the rows of grapes...

I have more photos to show but I am off on another adventure in the morning. Flying up to Seattle for an art filled extended weekend!
Hope that YOU have an art filled weekend as well!