Friday, May 25, 2012

Big Owl

This is the new owl that I started hooking the other night. He is going to be pretty big-13" tall. Will try and get a little more work done tonight.

Couldn't's Henry with his little mouse toy taking a nap.

I found this nice book at the thrift store and thought it might help me to get knitting again. It's been years since I did any knitting but I still have my needles and lots of yarn from my weaving days. We leave tomorrow for our camping trip to the Sierras and I thought i might get some knitting done while Dennis fishes. Either that or enjoy reading under the pines with my toes in the stream!

And here is a partial shot of  the path I made to my art studio. Pretty funky but it was fun to do.
I think it must have been about 10 years ago when I started on each square. That took a while and then when I had enough for a path I put them all together and cemented them in - poking little bits of tile and marbles in between the circles and squares.
Hope you all have a peaceful Memorial Day weekend and get some stitching in!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A little water color that I am working on. It was going to be for a local show but I missed the deadline and it needs more work anyway.

Here is my little art studio. Hoping to get to spend more time in here and do some much needed organizing.

This colorful kantha quilt was my Mother's Day present! Ethnic Arts in Berkeley had a nice selection of these light two sided quilts and this one called to me.

love the little patched area!

Henry always finds a spot to nap on top of fabric that I am working on. Some fun vintage finds on the left that I found at thrift stores for Rebecca's workshop.

And I finally got back to some rug hooking and hooked up this rabbit.

And got these cats sewed up out of one recycled Garnet Hill cotton knit sweater that I found at the thrift store and couldn't pass up. Now they are ready for some faces. May take them on our weekend trip to the Sierras for Memorial Day. Dennis has a trip planned to Benton Hot Springs and Lundy Lake for fishing-leaving Saturday after a half day at the store and then home again on Monday.

And now it's Justin's turn to graduate. June 7 is the official day but we have several ceremonies to attend. This one was a dessert and award ceremony for National Honor Society, California Scholarship Federation, and community service. Tomorrow he is in a skit that involves 4 treadmills, music and a routine with 4 other senior men. I persuaded Dennis to leave work early for this one! I am hoping someone will put it on YouTube because I think it will be really fun...and only 3 minutes!
Next week another award ceremony. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Berkeley adventure and a gift...

Just had to start off with photos of this beautiful metal gate to the Berkeley students organic garden. We did a lot of walking and just happened upon this garden.

This flower and vine were on the outside fence of the garden. It looks like a passion flower of some sort, although I have never seen one this color!

After the graduation ceremonies that started at 9 am, we had a little time for exploring. Down on 4th St. again and a peek into Castle in the Air for some photos for you.

Not sure why I love these little figures so much, but I do. I think they remind me of my childhood because we had a little set of angels like these all playing different instruments.

This is out of place but I will leave it here anyway...this is Jason just after graduation.  We then took him out for lunch at a really good sandwich place called "Gregoire" on Cedar St. Highly recommended! 
And later out for dinner at "Corso" on Shattuck. Yummy Italian handmade pasta, soups and salads and a piece of flourless chocolate cake with raspberries on top...Yum!  We had  a great visit with Jason and his friends who were also graduating but at different times. They all went off on a camping trip to Yosemite to celebrate and should be back home sometime today.

Upstairs in the "Castle " gallery I took a photo of this fun piece.

A store window on 4th St....

and this clothing store always has a fun window. Don't think I've ever been inside though...and really for me the fun part is just looking at everything.
 I don't buy much ( I already have too much stuff) but I enjoy seeing what new things are out there for inspiration and may pick up a new art supply or two .

And just before we left on our adventure this wonderful rabbit doll pillow arrived from art journalist and art teacher Taylor Schapiro. She tucked a message into the "skirt" which is like a pocket. We had fun at Teesha's studio in January playing with fabric, paint and collage and the rabbit was part of a collaborative effort on canvas that got printed on fabric by Taylor. Love it! Thanks, Taylor!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

sewing and stitching

A little embroidery piece I am working on. Just added the nest and owlet.

This group of foxes just flew off to the Napa Valley to "Muse" along with some cashmere elephants.

three wild women...could be pin cushions or just for fun. Hair is from the wooly felted fringe on the end of a wool scarf that I recycled for rug hooking.

Polka dot Velour came in handy for this elephant family.

Had to share a photo of my amaryllis plant that was a Christmas present from my cousin Laurie. They just keep blooming and looking so glorious.
We will be off again on a No. Calif. adventure. This time for our son, Jason's college graduation from Cal Berkeley on Sunday at 9am. We are taking my husband's camper this trip so should be interesting and different from the art girls trips I've come to love. Still there are lots of great restaurants and I think I will get a short visit to 4th St. Our table top won't be ready for this trip so we will have to wait until June to pick it up, but I still hope to get a visit in to the Ethnic Arts store. I seem to remember a particular kantha quilt that was calling my name...we shall see.
Hope you have a great end of the week and have time to make stuff!