Sunday, July 29, 2007

Somerset Home!

Coming out August 1 in the Somerset Home edition I have an article published called "Painting with Fiber"! Three pages on rug hooking with great photos....I am so excited to be included in this beautiful magazine! Thanks to Pam Garrison for encouraging me to send something in....and Amanda Nolan for putting together such a colorful and inspiring issue and Tracie Huskamp for telling me I was in the magazine and to go look in my mailbox! So I just want to encourage YOU to send things into your favorite magazines and see what happens.

Our family is going on a little vacation for about a week so I won't be blogging for a have a great week and see you later.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

a few fun things to look at...

a funky fabric heart I made hanging in Penny's studio
two of Syd's dobby's and beautiful wing

Colleen's wonderful embroidery...birthday present for Penny....

Mostly cleaning house today for my brother's visit...he could care less....he is very easy going...but I've put things off for too long.....the living room looks like a fabric storeroom with piles of wool, felted sweaters, fabric and felted stuff in various places...not to mention we haven't been able to eat at the table for eons...then I promised to take Justin to a movie this afternoon.
We went to the beach yesterday and got clobbered by the big waves. Lots of surfers out enjoying the surprise south swell but they were too big for us boogie boarders. Still refreshing and good to get out of the house for a bit.

Thought I'd post some things that are fun to look at ...from our visit to Penny's ...I need to start a new hooking project...and our group has a challenge due in Aug...a 14" x14" self my assemblage piece for the Art from Scrap show...fiber ATC's...what else?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Beaded box and Indigo cloth

I thought this beaded box from Indonesia was pretty amazing! I was told that these are made by brides to be and they put their sewing things inside. I also loved the handwoven indigo dyed cloth from the same seller. She had her 17 year old son helping out at the show and he did a great job writing up my order.

had a lovely beach walk....big waves coming in from the South...must be a tropical storm out there somewhere....will have to see if Justin is up for some wave riding later today! My older brother is coming for a visit from Lake Oswego, Oregon and that is always fun. He usually takes the boys on some kind of kayaking or something else invoigorating.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Gift show...

Made a quick trip to Los Angeles for the LA Gift show. Looking for new items to sell in our store and some things to take to AFF. Ran into my friends, Penny and Mary down in Kentia Hall where lots of cool handmade things from all over the world are located. Got myself a few presents that I couldn't resist...will post photos tomorrow. Years ago I was a buyer for a gift store-craft gallery and we would take days to see everything and make lots of orders-especially for the holiday season. Fun to see some of the same companies that I used to order from still there. I bought a harp music CD from the artist(Peter Sterling) who was playing for us as we entered the large hall.....thought it might make good background music for art classes coming up at A&S and was nice soothing music for my drive back home to Santa Barbara.

Got my Tote sent off today to Texas. It is due July 31, but we will be on a little vacation to our favorite spot in Calistoga from July 29 to Aug. 2, so wanted to get it on its way. I made her a pincushion and cell phone or ipod holder to go with it. this was #2 Tote...the first one had too many flaws to send off.....need to send off a photo to Lelainia....I think that art-ezine will post our fun to see what everyone came up with.

here are some of my dolls in a basket...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Diana's birthday party!

Cabinet painted by diana..

painting brought back from Viet those colors!

Had a fun evening last night at my friend, Diana's wonderful home on Mountain Drive. She celebrated her 60 th birthday with LOTS of friends and family. Dinner and dancing...mojitos and wine...a soft taco bar with lots of choices...big garden salad...Yum! Got to meet new artists and see old friends. I've known Diana since Jr. High where we met in Art class. She does amazing art work in many different mediums...from embroidery to painting to wood carving. She and her husband, Tom, an incredible drummer have built an art filled home using local craftmen and their own hard work. They opened up their home for all to enjoy. Her two children, now adults, and husband paid a loving tribute to her many gifts and talents...a fun and delightful party for all. I gave Diana the doll that I made for her...hoping she will find a good spot for it amongst all her cool folk art.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Beach Day with Justin...

Hendry's beach...

Not a good shot of Justin, the sun was in his face.....but he said I could post this...

A fence in progress....I think the wire will be covered with stone eventually...but it looked really interesting like this! The stairs lead up to a little landing with a nice view of the ocean....

Had a great day at the beach with Justin. We both caught a few waves and enjoyed the water. Had a quick bite at the snack bar called "the Pit Stop"... I think the salt water was good for my poor toe, it feels better today! After 2 hours in the ocean we went to pick up Jason (17) at his friend's house...about 2 blocks from the beach....couldn't resist taking photos of these incredible Passion flowers...they cover the whole side of their house and the bees were buzzing everywhere...sometimes 3 bees on a flower! I just can't get over how many layers there are to these amazing flowers....we had these vines on our fence when I was growing up and I remember playing with them.
When my cousin, Laurie came to visit we used to play "Flower Dolls"...we made a little doll with a twig and then collected flowers for their dresses. My favorite dresses were the frilly Petunias that my grandpa grew next door ...purple and white and pink and white and those deep purple ones that look like velvet! We sat in my grandparents blue porch swing and changed their clothes and then took them on adventures around the yard looking for more flower clothes to add to their collection. My grandpa, who grew up on a farm in Iowa also made strange creatures from driftwood...they had marbles for eyes and he placed them around the garden that he loved to work in. My grandmother, whose name was Minnie Freedom (!) thought they were ugly....she didn't appreciate his folk art, sadly....and the creatures got moved to the garden shed. I have no idea what happened to them after that. Funny how just looking at a flower brings back all these childhood memories!
And soon I will have a new Blog soon as Jason comes to help me....and a BIG thank you to Tracie Huskamp who guided me through this...couldn't have done it without her!!! Thanks, Tracie!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Beach rocks: hearts and holes

Thanks for your commemts on my last's so nice to share your progress on projects and then actually finish them!

Yesterday I finally made it to the beach and went boogie boarding! The ocean was not too cold and there were some nice waves. Only downside is that I hit my toe on a rock and I think it is broken! It is a nice shade of black and blue and I have to limp around the house. However I won't let it stop me from heading down to the beach again today with son, Justin who would rather sit at home....sometimes I have to "force" the boys to have fun ...and it is more fun to have a partner at the beach when you catch a really good ride...and you can go "did you see that?!!!" are some beach rocks with holes...and a few new heart ones....

And some sad news... Laura's, mother, Dortha, whose 90th birthday party I went to a few weeks ago...passed away a few days after her party. I am so GLAD that I got to celebrate her in a Happy Way and with all her family there. I am remebering how important it is to listen to your heart! I had to cancel a class that I was teaching to go ....but I am so glad that I went.
Laura forwarded a thank you note that Dortha wrote to me in her beautiful handwriting thanking me for coming and bringing See's candy...her favorite (and mine!).....Bye, Dortha....we love you!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Done! and here she is...

I hooked another row of blue around the doll body, then she got sewn and stuffed. Quickly shot a photo before the sun went down.

Ready for stitching...

I think the hooking is finished on this doll.....had to do the face twice to get the right skin I'll be working on her today and some fiber jewelry that I've started to play with. Hope to get in a beach walk and maybe even a dip in the ocean which has now warmed up a bit to 66 degrees.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Tote and good Find...

I need to fill in at the Hardware Store for a few more days while some of the employees take vacation time off, so not getting as much art making time as before. However, I did almost finish this Tote for an exchange due July 31. I lined it with a vintage table cloth from my fabric stash. I also made a little cell phone holder and pin cushion (not in photo) as extras and will look for more stuff to put inside for fun. I think I will do a little more embellishing before sending it off. My other thought was to make entirely NEW one as I made some mistakes on this one....not using a pattern so some squares didn't match, among other things.

I thought this bird cage was a "good find" at the thrift store a while back.I have it sitting on the porch at the front of our house. I put one of those crows from the craft store inside. One day I saw some real crows looking inside at the fake crow!Probably trying to figure out how to liberate him...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Fun at Kate's

Embroidery on the front of a small silk purse..
Indigo fabric from the Hill Tribes of Viet Nam and a cross stitched piece from clothing worn every day...

Small China dishes a little over 1" from the market place....if I had grand daughters, we'd have a tea party!

Before going to the ATC meeting I had a fun visit at my friend Kate's house overlooking the ocean and Channel Islands. She and her husband just returned from a 2 1/2 month trip to Australia, Fiji, Viet Nam, and Thailand, where her daughter has been teaching Yoga for a year.

Kate is a wonderful photographer and she shared a very cool slide show of their travels. I felt like I had been right there with her to all these neat places. She and her husband, Greg love to surf and they found some beautiful spots for surfing and shell collecting.
Luckily, Kate also loves fabrics ( and other cool art things) and she brought me back some wonderful treasures!

More exciting news: just got a message that Somerset Sew will have one of my fiber ATC's in a group "house" piece put together by Tracie Huskamp in their first issue in October...I had to go back and look in the photo archives to see what it was! I think it was my door with Sharon's windows.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

And a few new ATC's

Some new ATC's for our trade today. Photo not too's foggy and damp outside! How about some nice rain? Our forests need some right now with all the wild fires and dry brush!

New doll..

Worked on a new doll last night....I thought that I was going to do this one in sort of neutral wools, but it turned out she wanted a blue outfit. Using Maren's wonderful dyed wool and other recycled wools for this one.

Also have our ATC meeting today at the Good Cup Cafe! Made a few new ones to trade....

Monday, July 09, 2007

Art + Life 8

So excited to be included in the Art + Life issue 8! Teesha put two of my art journal pages in on page 30! And one of my very first hooked Owls apprears on page 54....
click on photo for more detail....

so glad she went back to color for the of the things that I love most about her work is her wonderful color combinations ( and of course, her textures, fiber work, designs and all over creativeness!)

Hooked Doll Finished!

Got the doll finished last night. I think she may be a birthday present for one of my friends who is turning 60 this month. Of course, Tiger had to get in the act while I tried to take photos....he is such a naughty boy!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Things in process...

Had to work at the store yesterday but made a quick trip to the Main St. thrift stores before closing and found some good wooly things to felt. Worked on the hooked doll last night and got most of her done. Still haven't decided what color hair to give I may start on her sister/friend and come back when I figure it out.

Also working on some ATC's for next Wed. meeting....have a few different ideas to play around with. Today I did some backgrounds and used a combing tool for paste paper and ran it through some acrylic paint.....there is something fun and satisfying about that process!

Both boys are home and if it gets any hotter up here we may have to head for a swim in the ocean!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

4 th of July art show

Visited with Syd and other art buddies at a fun art and craft show near the Mission in Santa Barbara. Couldn't resist this wonderful Syd heart painting and she gave me the flag...I love them both!!!

What I've been working on......

Here's what I've been up to the last few days.....

got the owl finished to sew up and stuff.
made some more little heart collages....
dolls drawn on burlap for hooking....

breakfast of local Fairview Gardens strawberries and yogurt...
I bought this bowl in Port Townsend...loved the colors...artist name on bottom..ENG...

Monday, July 02, 2007

Another squirrel and felty beads...

Our internet service was down for a few days and that wasn't fun...but I managed to get some fiber projects under way amidst boys being home all day, driving lessons for Jason, who now has his Learner's Permit, nice homemade lemonade and other summertime treats.

Squirrel is hooked and Mr. Owl is started and will get more done tonight. I am a night owl myself...I work and watch silly TV or listen to music until 1 am and sometimes 2 am. At least now I can sleep in and get my 7 hours ....

Had so much fun playing with the felt and making beads, flowers and weird little scrumbles to use on fiber pieces or jewelry. I made a special concoction of white glue and warm water to hold the felt together as I rolled up the beads. I dipped yarn into the glue mixture and wrapped it around the beads for more color and to help hold it all together. I also like making the smaller felt beads.....I think they will look nice mixed in with glass beads, pearls, or turquoise. It's been quite warm here and I made a special little place to work outside on our deck. I am surrounded by honeysuckle and jasmine vines and our small garden of tomatoes, corn, peppers, 1 eggplant and basil plants. It's hard to grow all the things that we'd like to at 3000 feet altitude...some things do well and some just aren't happy. We do grow great apples though... and there are some wonderful blackberry bushes that we will get into later this summer.