Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weekend at El Capitan

spent most of Friday, Sat. and Sun.. visiting and enjoying the beach at El Capitan State Beach Park. The reunion group had reserved the best spot overlooking the ocean from a bluff with room for 60 tents.My friend from Hawaii, Cindy put up her tent under a tree and we had a view of the ocean and a cozy spot to hang out in. Folks kept showing up and we had a great potluck dinner with a bonfire. I had to remind myself to go home each night- so fun to see folks that I had lived with while in my 20's on our big ranch. Our next door neighbors were John Travolta and Ronald Reagan....an interesting time in my life......! John Travolta actually came to one of our Halloween parties one year. Someone went up to him and said, "great costume, you look just like John Travolta!!!" He looked surprised for a second and then laughed. I thought that was pretty funny....He lived in the historic Ortega adobe (beautifully remodeled) on 16 acres in the middle of Tajiguas Ranch where we lived and grew organic crops and avocadoes for our natural food stores. The ranch went all the way from the ocean up to the top of the mountains and bordered on Reagan's Ranch and we lived there while he was President...so Santa Barbara had lots of Secret Service agents roaming around at the time....and they wondered what this spiritual comunity was doing meditating and growing vegetables below the President's ranch. I was told later that they had infiltrated our community to see what we were up to...kind of creepy!
Anyway....great to see my old buddies and their kids and hear what they are up to these days....

The ocean was calm and not too cold...I floated out past the kelp and just enjoyed the peacefulness of it all. Later we saw dolphins jump completely out of the water and swimming close to shore all day long. I plan to bring my son, Justin back down for a beach day soon.

Every night we have been watching the night time skies for the meteor showers.....we put down a quilt on our deck and look up into the heavens late at night and see the "shooting stars"...some with long tails....really cool....

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