Thursday, December 20, 2007

Booklace Class at ARt From Scrap

I made the sample on the left and Justin made the one on the can collage both sides of the pages for more "art fun"....each page is 1 1/2" by 2" for little hands. Justin water colored some of his pages....and collaged some. And you can make the Booklace bigger if you want. We made a big one for his teacher as a Thank You at the end of the school year.

January 12, 2008 Syd McCutcheon and I will be teaching a kid's workshop using recycled paper at ARt From Scrap making a "Booklace". What is a booklace? It's a little book that is also a necklace! We both took Nina Bagley's Copper Booklace class at Artfest and I modified it for my son's elementary school class and made it all in paper. It's a fun little project that involves collage, using eyelets (which are fun for kids), ribbon or yarn and a few beads. Will be making a few more samples for the class. I also volunteered to help with the Global ARt for Peace project in March and April. I love this art exchange that only happens every 2 years. If you work with kids (adults welcome, too) it is a really fun and meaningful project to explore. You make a piece of art (anything goes) and the director matches you with a group in another part of the world. You send your art to them and they send you something to all this art is being sent all over the world at the same time and they all express our wish for PEACE in the world. If you want to check it out go to:

Several of our art pieces are featured in the gallery...I especially love the hooked PEACE rug we made with Justin's 4th grade class...


Tara Ross Studios said...

The global art project sounds cool, can I do it? I don't work with kids or adults though.

iHanna said...

Love your little books - wow, those get me inspired. I'm a kid, I love eyelets and litte books like that... :-)