Friday, December 07, 2007

Red bellied Woodpecker and Nuno felting

Here is my newest hooked bird. I was inspired by our local woodpeckers which have been quite active lately. They have been storing their acorns in our wooden entry arch that says "Painted Cave" and anywhere else they can find. Our local woodpeckers have a little bit of red on their head and they are called acorn woodpeckers or downy woodpeckers, I'm not sure which ones they are. But I loved the look of the red bellied woodpecker for hooking purposes...the "Classic "woodpecker, so that's the one I used for a model. I have a little field guide to Birds of North America to help me out. Still need to finish up the Scrub Jay I made.

On Thursday we had a great Nuno felting class at the Art Clinic in Solvang. Barbara Carr brought all kinds of goodies for us to play with including already dyed silk chiffon scarves to felt. This was a new felting technique for all of us and so much fun! All turned out very could use a little or a lot of wool and silk roving to decorate the silk base. We got wavy edges as the silk scarf base began to shrink with the addition of the wool as it felted. We all are anxious to make more of these fun felty fabric pieces. Trying to convince Barbara to teach at ArtFiberFest...2008. My first Nuno scarf is the one on the far right above. I made a second one in greens and blues on a different silk base.

And just want to say I hope all of our art friends to the North (Ore. and Wa.) are doing OK with all the rain and snow lately. Thinking of you and hope you are able to travel safely once again.


Syd said...

love love love the woodpecker! Syd

clevelandgirlie said...

Oh wow Mary - your woodpecker is really awesome - particularly because he was inspired by your very own observations! I love your blog and will be back to see what else you are up to.

Tara Ross Studios said...

Wow,your woodpecker is awesome. Such inspiration right around you. Can you make Emporer Penquins? I just saw the film on them and I am just incredibly amazed at their loyalty.

Love your scarfs too. I am so jealous that I don't have time to stretch my artistic endeavors.

Thanks for your kind words about the flooding. There was destruction in some way almost everywhere in Western Wa. I just can't believe it. We were saved, (crossing my fingers) but some homes around us weren't so lucky.

My prayers for everyone who suffered loss over the last storm.

jude said...

the new birds are grand!