Sunday, December 23, 2007

what's new....

some fun Holiday goodness....Glittery M box filled with fun stuff...a glittery Star ornament from Tracie it! and my $1.00 little angel find at the thrift store!
Tomorrow we will help out at the plumbing store and then head down to Glendale to see Dennis' family...over 100 of them! Then drive back home late at night so we can celebrate Christmas here at home. Dennis is one of 12 children....and most of them have a bunch of it is kind of crazy at the holidays....his mother is 84 and has about 37 grandchildren ( or more.)..and some of them have kids, too....but it's the only time we get to see everyone at once...except for Mother's day and her we go to the mayhem of Christmas Eve at Grandma's house.

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