Monday, November 24, 2008

Felting at the Art Clinic and a reunion...

Sunday was spent in Solvang at the Art Clinic where Barbara Carr treated us to a fun felt inlay class. I am thinking this might be a great class to offer at Artfiberfest. It is a bit easier on the body than the Nuno felting class and I like the way you can get fine detail with the pre-felt, like doing a collage. Above is my first attempt, then I did the flying bird, below and the pink confetti, just for fun.

Jill is laying out her felt as she starts designing her piece.
A beautiful scarf that Barbara made.
i think this is Jill's piece....
More felt pieces....close up.
Syd's fun piece.
This is stage one..before felting.....laying out the design...
another close up of one of Barbara's pieces.
Saturday found me at a lovely memorial for one of my South Pasadena school friends'
father. There was a large gathering of friends and family who spoke and shared stories and memories among the giant oak trees of the Carpinteria Cemetary. I asked Diana's daughter to take a photo of 4 high school friends and added a photo from 20 years ago at my wedding (no.2) on the hottest day of the year here in Santa Barbara.
Marsha, Diana, Mary, Debbie
Diana, Debbie, Mary, Marsha


Tara Ross Studios said...

wow, how cool is that! You all look so great!

Love the felting,,,,, thanks for sharing.


Lisa said...

I love the photos of you and your friends now and then. Can't wait to see the classes for ArtFiberFest.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Would love this felt project for Artfiberfest! Don't think I will ever tire of looking at felted pieces and these are wonderful. What a fun day you had. The body friendly aspect sounds especially good. : ) Nuno is really fun, but I still can't believe some folks got three done that day.

Went to my 40th class reunion right before AFF and gathered with a group of friends the day before. Old friends are a treasure aren't they?


teesha said...

Mary...I LOVE seeing you so many years ago. You were so radiant back then and you still are.

michelle allen said...

how fun are those pictures! you all look even more beautiful now!

your felting turned out so much better than my attempt. there must be some tricks that i missed!

thanks for sharing with us! you're so talented.