Friday, November 28, 2008

The wool has landed!

All this beautiful hand dyed wool roving arrived from Australia today! I love the gorgeous colors. It makes me want to get my spinning wheel out and do some spinning by the fire side. Or do some felting......All of this wooly goodness came from Elizabeth Armstrong a wonderful fiber artist and teacher.... you can reach her at for more info. If I ever get to Australia again I will definitely take some classes from her in her very cool studio which was featured in a recent magazine.
Here's Mr. Tiger taking a Thanksgiving nap on his favorite quilt.
This is some rug hooked Indian Corn that I made years ago. Our rug hooking group sponsored a teacher from the East coast to come and teach us how to make 3 dimensional objects...we had a choice of corn, squash or a pumpkin. I went for the corn. We put real corn husks on the top so that you can hang them up if you want.


Christine said...

Wow, very pretty wool Mary! I can't wait to see what you'll make with it. And the corn is very unique! Have fun... Christine

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

What beautiful wool!...the colors are awesome. Love the corn.

Elizabeth Golden said...

I have a kitty sort of like your Tiger. She is a little orangier which females are. Tiger is a Patch Mackerel Tabby FYI. Apparently that is cool, or at least that is my vet's response. My female is like a tabby calico. I love their tummies, all spotted and wild.
I just discovered your blog. Love your creatures, the dogs make me smile!