Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rug hookers Christmas gift exchange at Penny's

Here's the little painted and stuffed linen garland I made for Pepa.
The Holiday season wouldn't be complete without our rug hooking group gift exchange at the wonderful home of Penny and Wayne McCall. Every where you look there are little Christmas scenes and villages and collections to amaze and delight.
Almost good enough to looks like a big layered cake with frosting!
These sculptures of the stages of life always fascinate me...this visit they are decked out for the Holidays!

Penny has collections inherited from her mother that grace the living room wall.

I am trying to put together a calendar for our group and several of the ladies brought rugs for me to photograph...above is Syd's "Puce" rug....3 years in the making!
And Anne's rug for her sister is almost complete...we all loved her colors....
Carol brought her dog and cat lifelike! That's Freckles and kitty....
and Carol's rug from Deanne's workshop in Nova Scotia...more great colors and textures.
For our gift exchange we had to make hand made gifts. Katie made this amazing sea urchin snowman snowglobe!!!! I didn't get photos of everything but there were art quilts, necklaces,
garlands, felt rugs, table runners and more.
Here's Fran opening her rug hooked pillow with her initial made by Pepa.
And Fran made this wonderful needle felted rug for Jean.
Barbara made this felted table runner for me! I love the birds...she collaged six of them ...all different...we hope to teach this felt collage in the near future.
Penny's cat, Matisse, spent most of the evening in my basket. We had a wonderful assortment of delicious main dishes and desserts for our potluck dinner. Anne made her special chocolate cake and we each had a bag of her cookies to take home for later.

Here's Pepa wearing her made a good necklace!


Rabbit Hill Creations said...

Love all the creations, how festive everything looks...Happy Holidays!

Cindy Wills said...

You are so lucky to have art friends.