Monday, December 22, 2008

Solstice Housewarming at Kate and Greg's.

Sunday, the Winter Solstice was the perfect day to celebrate with friends at Kate and Greg's newly remodeled home. Her husband, Greg made these fun driftwood trees and after dark lit them up with tea lights. There was a wine tasting contest, hot soups to sample, candied pecans, cheeses and crackers, cookies and bread made by Kate. When Kate lived in Bozeman, Montana she had her own bakery so you can imagine what good things come out of the oven! One summer we rented a cabin on the Madison River and visited Yellowstone and got to see Kate's bakery, 'On the Rise". She drove down to our cabin with a bag full of fresh bakery goods the next day...heaven! We visited while the boys fished and explored....fond memories!

Greg's tree in daylight on their new deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands.
I love checking out the treasures in my friend's homes. This is a music box that has belonged to Greg since he was a child.
Longtime friends, Chris and Welmoet looking festive...we've been friends for over 30 years.
Here's Kate *in her new kitchen* holding Greg's Christmas stocking made by his grandmother many years ago. I love the button Christmas tree. The stocking was originally red velveteen!
And a vintage book from Kate's childhood.....
What a fun party and so good to see my old pals! And Kate and Greg's home...a joy to behold!

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