Thursday, July 09, 2009

A few things...

Lori Seavey-Christian brought these wonderful embroideries to Artfiberfest for us to purchase.
They are from the Wodaabe tribe in Africa and they sell their work to provide some of the bare necessities of life. Lori also collected embroidery thread to send to the Wodaabe to help support their stitching. I bought four pieces similar to the ones the fun colors and tiny stitches. I think she still has some to sell....ask her...her blog: http://artand

Hooked this little pumpkin the other night just because I wanted to get hooking again! I still am working on my big piece "Flowerbox" but wanted something simple to get me going again.
And this great little book just arrived from Amazon. Very Inspiring!
And my copy of STUFFED! arrived and I have not 5, but 1 piece in there....the very last little bug pin cushion...


Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Congratulations Mary! Your work is always so lovely and I love that you do Folk art. That's my style when I am quilting. I love the humble and wonky look of it and the colour tones are my favs.

That book about the farm applique-I have had that one for years and it's a great book.

*hint: you can put the pattern piece on your scanner or photocopier and print them out to play with the colours first by colouring them in or you can trace and primitive stich them.

If I ever get around to doing the real quilt, I will be tracing them using the patterns onto tea dyed muslin instead of using the originals from the book. That way I will always have them.

Lori S-C said...

thanks Mary!

Chris said...

That bug pin cushion is just the coolest. Sorry they didn't run the others but this one sure shows off your talent and fun spirit. Love the photos of the hooking group and wonderful fishing trip. I have a serene mental picture of you working on that quilt by the waters edge. OH, and those GREAT pieces from the Zeek gallery, WOW! What fun to add to your art collection. Thanks for the fun journey and again for the TERRIFIC felting class at AFF. You're the bomb Mary! :)

Beth Anderson said...

love your sweet pumpkin!

Deirdra Doan said...

Did I tell you how lovely it was to meet you? I was really not my self on the day I took your class. My head was on my little fairy dress that I was working on the day before. But I so loved all your art, the felting scarf it so pretty and all the little things people made in your Sat. class that I have seen on blogs and in person everywhere.

Thank you for encouraging me to be at vendor night.

I posted my dress on my blog.

Hope you are enjoying the music of John's.

Artful dreams...xo

PS I live in Mary Lou Zeeks town and see the shows each month on first Wednesday. I get to meet the wonderful artists.