Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Monday Night Rug Hooking

We had our monthly rug hookers meeting at Fran's art filled dome. A small but lively group of 6 showed up. Katie's "Ode to the Music Industry" rug is above and we all loved it! It is quite large-4' x 5' and coming along nicely. She has worked in the music business in Los Angeles for years now and knows what she is talkin' about. Can't wait to see more next month.
Maren finished up her wonderful "Home" piece and worked on it at the meeting. It will be a pillow for their vacation home. Love the soothing soft colors.
This is a rug that Fran made a few years ago. I love the wavy edge which she said was not the most fun thing to finish off.
One of Katie's pillows that combines hooking and proddy flowers.
Fran has a wonderful collection of folk, contemporary and outsider art and these are a few of the Memory Jars that I spotted.
Another fun piece of folk art....

Here's our group, visiting and working on projects and enjoying a warm summer evening amongst the avocado and orange trees on Fran's Rancho.


April DeConick said...

Tell about the crocodile. It looks like a fun rug to hook.

TamboinMO said...

Looks like a great time! How lucky are you to be surrounded by so much creativity!!

debinsf said...

Those memory jars remind me of Grandma Prisbey's bottle village in the town I grew up in (not too far from you, now). I loved that place as a kid. The jars are gorgeous!

you are lucky to have such a great community of artistic women to keep you company. These posts make me happy!

disa said...