Friday, July 03, 2009

A quick post...

I bought this wonderful print by Jill Mayberg on our way home from artfiberfest at the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery in Salem. Jill lives in Vancouver, WA and had lots of other wonderful paintings at the gallery.
These odd and wonderful ceramic pieces by Kim Murton spoke to me and I had to bring them home to mix in with my eclectic folk and contemporary art. The gallery had many more of her pieces....some very large heads overlooking the gallery to smaller size masks and heads.

And this is how Mary Lou wrapped up my pieces! I guess they really were a present to myself!
And now my hubby and I are off on another adventure. He decided he needed to see the Sierras this weekend and so off we go this afternoon to his favorite lake to fish and hike and read and (me) sew. I plan to work on a stitching sampler inspired by Pam Garrison who was inspired by another blogger as well as one of my favorite stitchers, Jude Hill over at Spirit Cloth. We'll see if I get any actual stitching done. What I really want to do is just sit by the stream and take a nap.
I still haven't unpacked everything from artfiberfest, but that will have to wait.
So wishing you all a Happy 4th of July and see you next week!


Sheri said...

Mary, LOVE the ceramic pieces! Good Eye!

lk moonwood said...

We share tastes in artists: Jill Mayberg and Kim Murton are two of my favorites! I really enjoyed reading about your whole AFF experience.

marie said...

oh my goodness those little folk art faces are fabulous!