Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Little Squirrel

Here is the squirrel that I got hooked up last night. Now I will let it "rest" for a bit and see if I need to "fix" anything. That means tearing out a few strips of wool here and there if I don't like how things look. When I hook I don't usually have a plan, just a pile of wool that I think will work on what ever piece I'm working on. Sometimes I get lazy and just make the wool that I have work....and then later I go back and cut up more wool if some particular spot bothers me. I already did a little "fixing" on this piece this morning, but I am anxious to get to work on the next squirrel for Muse.
This is a close up of am embroidered piece I made and put on a felt purse.


debinsf said...

That squirrel is the most amazing thing ever! I've never seen anything like it. So gorgeous.

And I love the embroidered heart. I never ever think to embroider. Maybe I will next time.

TamboinMO said...

I love your squirrel....I love how he's hunkered over his nut...you know...that's what they really look like :)

maryann said...

Great squirrel! Love the heart, too! Now if I could just get myself to make something...!!! :)

jude said...

i relate to your technique totally.

Christine said...

Mary, I love how the grey squirrel turned out! You've inspired me to buy my first rug hooking kit- wish me luck!
:o) ~Christine