Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pumpkin No.2

I got Mr. Pumpkin face no.2 hooked up the other night and started working on my sampler again last night. Yesterday Syd taught a fun class on plaster art at the Art Clinic. I made several pieces that will be backgrounds for more work. Still thinking about what to do with them. A fun class-always great to learn a new technique and be with the Art girls.
Off to take my son to school-it's late start day so I will get in my beach walk and a peek at the thrift store.


Beth Anderson said...

I stuff mine like pillows.

debinsf said...

I love your pumpkins! They are so sweet and folk-y. I'm looking at mine right now. You are a wonder!

C. C. said...

Hello Mary!

I am just starting to gather some supplies to try rug hooking, and I was wondering if you might give me a tidbit of advice? The wool is so very pricey - is there anywhere one could find it cheaply? I'm going to be cutting up some clothes and go to the thrift store looking for wool shirts, etc., but to buy it by the yard is running around $20.00. I just want even crummy seconds! Just anything so I can try this art without breaking the bank!

I really like your pumpkins!

C. C.