Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Monday night rug hooking

I'm getting close to finishing, but still a ways to go...

We had our monthly rug hooking meeting this week and thought I'd share photos of what everyone is working on.

Katie's "Bite me!" rug is looking good. We all loved the swirlie background. And so did Anne's dog Henry! He had to check out every thing we were working on...a real character!
Maren brought some of her quilt squares that she's been working on....tropical colors for Hawaii.
And we got to see her completed soft and lovely with the vintage looking fabrics.
Plus she completed her House pillow....the colors go great with the quilt.
Pepa is working away on her "Three Little Pigs" rug for her grandbaby no.2. We all loved how she did the sky and clouds....
Jean shared her "Space Bug" pillow that she made for her grandson.
Penny brought two of her latest pieces in her gallery series. She is definitely having fun with color!

We all loved Anne's tissue box cover that she hooked! She made up the pattern herself.
This is Chloe, one of Anne's amazing little doggies. She sat on my lap for part of the meeting.
Anne's dogs like to watch Animal Planet and Teletubbies and kept us all entertained.
Ohh, Anne made us the most delicious carrot cake....along with iced tea, cold juice and chocolate crisps.....we were very happy hookers!


Gayle said...

Great looking rugs - ALL! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. I just love that bloggers share!

Tara Ross Studios said...

Love seeing all the projects. Yours is coming along nicely.

Love the doggie, I want to kiss her nosey.

Mary said...

Loved seeing the pictures of the projects from y our hooking group. Thanks for sharing! And the kleenex cover was oh-so-clever!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

You get to hang out with the most creative people!! And carrot cake, too!! What could be better??!!

marie said...

You have a fun group of friends. Creative, artistic and great food : )
What more could a girl ask for???

TamboinMO said...

Such great rugs being made in your group. The "BITE ME" rug just makes me's one of my favorite sayings!

charlotte said...

OMG Mary that flower and houses rug is soooooo fabulous! I love it! I did a little one like that with oversized flower trees and really want to just live in a place like that. Such a cool forest of flowers! Your work makes me want to get that wool out again.
Did you know about this wonderful rug hooker?

Andry said...

Great collection of 6x9 Rugs for your modern home.

P.J. said...

Hi Mary, I know this is an older posting but I just love the alligator rug that Kate was working on. I connected with it. Do you know if this is a specific designer or did she design it herself. I would love to hook this for my daughter; with different wording. Very cool rug.