Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Squirrel, hearts, and Henry

Here is the second squirrel I hooked up last week. I got him sewed up and stuffed last night. I am still looking at No. 1 to see if I want to make any changes.
Here are the little heart pins as they look right now. I still need to put felt on the back and sew on a pin back and then they will be done.
Here is how they looked when I cut them apart....I still trimmed them some more before gluing the edges to the back with Sobo fabric glue...see below.
Once I had glued the back sides down I put a heavy book on top to flatten them. It worked!
On my drive down the mountain I just had to stop and take a picture of this funny rock face that someone left on the side of the road.
And here is Henry taking a roll on the driveway....he always comes to see what I am doing outside...usually taking a picture of something I've made or watering the garden. He likes to chase the water as it drops through the bushes and doesn't mind getting sprinkled.

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