Monday, February 21, 2011

I managed to get in a little rug hooking last week and made this little squirrel pin cushion.

 I started this little art quilt quite a while ago and found it again and did a little more stitching on it. Still needs the edges turned under and more stitching. All kimono fabrics.

Two friends came up on Friday for tea and a visit and I got some of my dolls, cats and birds in order. Anna went home with some new wooly friends for gifts and Kate gave me the sweetest kitty heart ornament. Yesterday we headed off to Los Angeles for a good bye to my husbands childhood home. His mother passed away last year and the house is being sold and we went down for a last look. We found some little things to bring home and then got in a quick visit to IKEA in Burbank. I got some new curtains for our living room and a few odds and ends for our store and home. A crazy day to shop with the Holidays and all...but still fun. Today we have chain saws buzzing outside as the tree trimmers are at work again. It's cold outside...and on Saturday we had snow for about an hour and then a beautiful sunny day Sunday for our drive to LA.


Tammy Gilley said...

Loving that little quilt, Mary! So sweet. xotammy

art spirit said...

Thanks, Tammy!

Marie said...

What an adorable little hooked squirrel and
the quilt piece is just lovely. Mary, your art
is so cheerful and happy! Every time I come to your
blog, I smile. Thanks for always making my day!

dulcy said...

I really love the cute little squirrel pin cushion! Also, all the stuffed goodies in the basket make a darling photo....hopes for some lovely weather and a wonderful week!

Jenny Stevning said...

I am loving the all of it. The pin cushion is great!
Do you know how badly I want to grab one of those basket and just run for my life!?