Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Woodland creatures and large boulders

 I made this fabric mushroom and birdie a while back but couldn't resist taking a photo while the yard is so full of fresh green goodness.

 Here is the progress being made on my latest owl. I think I can finish him up tonight if there is something fun to watch on TV.

 I am sort of proud of myself for covering this ottoman that I found at the thrift store. I put this project on my "To Do" list for 2011 as it has been sitting for quite a while. I used ethnic fabrics that I also got from my thrift store visits. I have not done much of this type of work so it was a little bit of a challenge. The top can be removed and there is room for storage inside...another place to put some of my fabric collection!

 Just have to show you some more photos of the big boulders behind our house. They are covered with bright green moss and lichen and I am having fun going out to check them out while the tree trimmer is making them more visible.

 Interesting shapes appear...

 It looks like a garden troll at the top and the silhouette of a person down below...and maybe a mushroom shaped boulder on the right...

 It's hard to tell but our little black kitty is busy exploring the trees...she zooms right up to the highest branches with ease.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Love those monstrous rocks!! And you did a great job on the ottoman!

art spirit said...

Thanks, Alice! I think once was enough!

Yael said...

So much in this post Mary - you are such a creative person, your hands never rest, they are always up to something nice, pretty, funny, beautiful!
Okay, first, I zoomed in and saw the kitty! The owl - you know what I think about your hooked animals - so lovely! And how sweet is that mushroom with the birdie?
I love those boulders - but I guess you did not have them in mind, when you planned to try to crochet over stones - oh oh, THAT would be some project! Yes, yes, just kidding, they look wonderful as they are!
Have a good day Mary - greetings from over the ocean!

Marie said...

Those boulders are amazing...rock spirits!
It really does look like a troll and a person.
The ottoman is fabulous. Love the ethnic
fabrics. <3

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Mary, you could carry out the ottoman to your rock quarry and have your tea! You did a great job on the ottoman. Great combination of colors and textures.

liniecat said...

smashing boulder bodies lol.... love the buttoned mushrooms and wonder if that fab lichen on the rocks would dye fabric????? Must be worth a try lol

art spirit said...

Love the idea of tea in the boulders! Once the rain is over I may have to try that!
Thanks everyone for your comments!
Always love what you have to share.