Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lots of Hearts....

 While making more of the paper hearts for my Heart Garland workshop on Saturday I had a "what if" moment and decided to make them into a mobile. I used an old embroidery hoop, covered it with while cotton cloth and tied the hearts around the hoop. It is hard to see in the photo but I added a row of paper birds that hang from the center. I will have to try taking another photo to show the birds. This could also be made using felt hearts or any other shape. I have another sample in the works but not quite ready for a photo.

 I finished up these painted cloth hearts with vintage buttons and wire hangers in time for Valentine's Day. Took them down to "Imagine" along with the necklaces I made this week.

 For this one I used Colleen's fabric yoyo beads sewn to a beaded necklace from Peru. It is nice and long and makes a fun and colorful addition to any outfit.

 Milagro hearts swing from the pearls and beads on these long necklaces. All for sale at 'Imagine" in Santa Barbara. It was fun to do some jewelry again and I can't wait to make some more things to bring to Artfest for vendor night.

 Ohhh....Free Fabric!!! Had to stop and fill up my bag before going to the Farmers Market last Saturday! got some good stuff...still in the trunk of my car....I'm pretty sure they have more to give away!

Sunday was our Community Garden meeting and work day. We got more poles put in for our fencing. A beautiful day to work outside and visit with the neighbors. The fruit trees are beginning to flower, the hills are green with fresh grass, and wildflowers are popping up all over. Feels like Spring is here already!


Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

I've started making a heart garland this week, but I think I like your mobile idea better. It looks great.

narkeymarkey said...

you have sunshine ... and blue skies ... lucky you!

love your heart mobile and the hearts with vintage buttons are divine.

must get cracking on my valentine's decoration.

grace said...

Hi Mary, Happy Heart Day! Your hearts are sweet and a lot of work! You should be getting a little package soon. Hugs!

art spirit said...

Thanks for your visits! Keep making those hearts for Valentine's Day!
Can't wait, Grace!

Marie said...

Mary, you always have such fun, creative ideas!
Things that make me smile : )
L-o-v-e the milagro necklaces!
You are sooo lucky to have Spring like weather.
We are still "knee deep" in snow.

Dot said...

Your heart mobile is gorgeous and those hearts with the buttons are gorgeous! I would be diving into the free fabric bins too!

Angelcat said...

Those fabric hearts are wonderful, and I love those tiny yo-yo beads