Friday, February 04, 2011

Lots going on....

 The little felt heart pins got stuffed and sewn and are now in a shop downtown along with the winged heart pins. Just in time for Valentine's Day.

 This kitty girl is holding a stuffed felt heart. I painted cotton muslin with acrylic paint after stuffing the body and made little arms that I sewed on later.

 A small acrylic painting I started over at the Art Clinic last weekend. It is about 6" square. I started about 4 more that I am working on and hope to get completed soon....maybe this weekend while the boys watch the Super Bowl..

 Not sure if this one is done a work in progress...

This lovely hand dyed wool was a gift from my rug hooking-quilter friend, Maren. Love the soft colors and can't wait to hook up some birds soon with it. Love the card too...makes me want to embroider too!

It has been a busy week around here. My son turned 21, Syd had a birthday party over in Solvang and I had my birthday yesterday.Colleen and Syd took me to lunch and we enjoyed the 70 degree weather dining outside at Fresco. We discussed some "Bucket List" ideas for the coming year. Hope to manifest some new adventures!
My husband and son took me out to dinner and we have tickets to see the Moody Blues in May..also a box of See's candy..yum! Lots of Facebook birthday wishes, too...the living room got painted and new carpet is coming-so I am a happy girl. Now maybe I can have the rug hookers over for our meeting this Spring.

 Made these hearts and mushrooms for Charlotte and Pam who came for a fun weekend of painting, estate sales, dining and lots of laughing and sharing art tips and ideas. Charlotte taught a class in Los Angeles last Sunday at the French General and came all the way from New York. Pam and Charlotte brought us gifts of their special samplers and wrapping paper, aprons and more and promise to come back soon for more fun and art. Can't wait!

 Here is Charlotte working on her painting...what great her palette.

 Colleen stitched and embroidered on her Sue Spargo piece.

 And Sukey worked on her applique and embroidered art quilt.

 Jill McCutcheon painted her paper mache hearts and kept an eye on Maddie who was having a tea party with Ruth, Carol's daughter.

 Syd and Pam painting until after midnight on Sat. So fun to see all the changes to each painting as time went on.

 On Saturday morning we headed out to check out some local garage and estate sales. We found some fun things for future art projects.

 I had to get a picture of this little girl dressed as a princess brushing this very patient dog dressed up for the cold morning in a sweatshirt and Patagonia hat.
And somehow I deleted my links list by mistake..sorry! I was trying to update it and removed the whole thing!
When things slow down around here-if they do-I will try and re-do it.
Hope you all have a great weekend!
I am hoping to get some jewelry started and work on our community garden this Sunday. And we may be having guests for the Super Bowl extravaganza a little house cleaning is off for some rug hooking!


pinkfiktion said...

Beautiful hearts, I love the colors and the shape. Have a nice weekend!!!

Marie said...

Hi Mary, Love the paintings and hearts. What fun to get new wool! It's like candy lol! Happy belated birthday <3

Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

wow! where to start? everything in this post was fantastic! love your hearts (both stitched and painted).

TamboinMO said...

OMG! That was one REALLY inspiring post! Love all the happy colors and camraderie of your are one blessed individual!

art spirit said...

Thanks everyone for your visits and comments! Hope everyone is having a good February, my favorite month!

Angelcat said...

Love your hearts, they are so beautiful.

Syd said...

I love the 2 paintings!!! ...and everything else.

The Dreaming Bear said...

Looks like so much fun!!!! Love all the little hearts you are making!

charlotte said...

we had so much fun with you! thanks for every lil bit of it, Mary ... your paintings turned out so sweetly, just like you! xoxo