Friday, March 25, 2011

Five foxes

These five foxes hope you have a great weekend! Made them yesterday...still getting ready for Artfest!

I am off on a road trip to the San Francisco Bay area. Taking my son, Jason and two friends back to school after Spring break. Hope to get in some fun visits including a new place I heard about...a lace museum and textile shop in Berkeley called Lacis.Driving home on Sunday...

I love the idea of sending off quilts to Japan for the tsunami survivors. In addition to sending money (which I've done) at least it is something we can do as women to help. Check into your local fabric store or quilt guild for more info. I received some info. in an email this week....but I have to take off now..bye!


Orange Sink said...

I LOVE those foxy foxes! You are the most wonderful creator!
Happy travels!
Cathy G

Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

They are great! I really like them.

Jacky said...

Dont they look dapper with their little neck ties....loooove your foxes!
Safe travels.

Jacky xox

ShabbySheep said...

LOVE your foxes! I just bought the book, "Make your own misfits" Darling patterns! I got mine at Barnes and Noble. They have an adorable fox pattern too. And at a thrift store the other day I found a t-shirt that says FOX, as in the network TV! Making that for my nephew who will be 4 in May.
Keep up the good work sista!
xo, Sheri

pinkfiktion said...

What a nice job!!! I love them. And it seems that you work so fast...Hope you had a nice trip.

GardenofDaisies said...

These are delightful!!!

dulcy said...

I love anything foxy! We had five little pups raised close to our house last spring. So, so sweet..... love your little ones!