Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stitching again...

I've been busy making circle and flowers to stitch onto the wool scarves that I've collected. I've made about 5 so far, with just a few more to do.

I was invited to a doll tea party at my neighbor's house. Just a few of the dolls she has collected. She also has the largest collection of vintage lace I've ever seen and lots of other fun things like buttons and doll clothes.

Our community garden is coming along. Last week we started setting up the place where our beds will be and continued with stump removal.  I think  I did more chatting with the other gardeners than actual work but that's OK. Got tips on where to find a new lighting fixture and a good local place for chocolate covered almonds! Yum!


TamboinMO said...

Oh how I wish I could switch gears as easily as it appears that you do! You never fail to delight me with what you are working on!

art spirit said...

thanks, Tammy! It might be nice if I could just stick to one or two things! Too curious, I guess...

Dot said...

Hi Mary
I am not blogging anymore as you know but love visiting your blog:) Love the idea of embellishing the wool scarves with circle and flowers. They look gorgeous. I think of you often as I use the fabric treasures you sent me in my textile pieces.
Love to you and the kitties.
Dot xx

Marie said...

Hi Mary,
Love the wool scarfs!
A doll tea delightful!
I am looking forward to getting out and creating a little flower pot garden again.
Have a great day <3

dulcy said...

Your flowers are fabulous! Oh, I know the feeling of changing from one thing to the next. I'm juggling hooking, drawing, and knitting .... but isn't it fun? Love the dolls, and I believe I see a Madame Alexander in the bunch. I have my three MA Little Women dolls. They're in great shape, and I wouldn't sell or trade them for the world!